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Yellow Hill: The Stranger's Tale

2013, 15 minutes



Produced in association with Stormynight.


The Stranger (Bai Ling) is walking through the Badlands on a mission, but is briefly stopped by the dirty stinking cowpoke, Dutch Dalton (Dan Katula). He's looking to ambush her and take anything of worth from her, but she outsmarts him and leaves him wounded. From there she makes it to the small town of Rock Ridge, run by the hard fisted saloon owner Taggart (Tom Reed). Once The Stranger steps foot in the saloon and begins asking questions about her father she encounters violence, and silence, that is until Mei (Cyn Dulay) a Chinese saloon girl steps forward with answers to the mystery. And what the Stranger learns shakes her to her very core, but Taggart will do anything to keep those secrets quiet. Plus Dutch returns looking for payback. Yellow Hill: The Stranger's Tale is a story of regret, lost time with a parent that's served up with a healthy dose of action and revenge.






Dirty Job Films is proud to present Yellow Hill: The Stranger's Tale . Produced through our sister company, Yellow Hill LLC, and in association with Stormynight, White Spirit Inc and Mutant Bar Monkey Productions.


Shot on location in the Badlands and at the Original 1880's Town in South Dakota, an attraction outside Murdo, S. Dak., featuring over 30 buildings built between 1880 and 1920."They gave us the run of the place – closed things off; they were just terrific," ~ Glen Popple.  This production serves as a teaser for the feature film, Yellow Hill.  Our film is now in its festival run and recieved top honors at the Wildwood Film Festival and the South Dakota Film Festival.  Bai Ling is very excited to introduce this story to the public. “This is a part of history that has never been told on screen.” says Ling. “People need to acknowledge and remember that history. As a Chinese person” Ling continues, “I feel responsible (to tell this story). With my heart as an actress I feel I have the power and voice to tell that story".


Produced  by:
Bai Ling

Cyn Dulay

Robert L Parsons II

Ross Bigley

Glen Popple

William Kale

Mikko Tervonen


Story by:

Ross Bigley

Cyn Dulay

Bai Ling

GLen Popple

Robert L. Parsons II

Director  & Editor:
Ross Bigley

Director of Photography:
Dru Montague


Second Camera/1st A.D.:

Phil Koch

Thomas L. Muschitz


Visual Effects:
Aurum Design/ Ken Kornacki


Special Effects:

Gregg Wright


Original 1880's Town
Murdo, South Dakota
Richard Hullinger

Indi Go Go Donors (full list on IMDb)



The Stranger, Bai Ling

Mei, Cyn Dulay

Taggart, Tom Reed

Dutch, Dan Katula

Ennis, Joshua Parkes

Lyle, Bruce Spielbauer

Two Gun Jack, John Walski

Silas, Gregg Wright

BurtonBrian Roloff

Stranger's Father, Theophilus Jamal

Clementine, Cheryl Roloff

Brothel Owner, Vito Valenti

Jacob, Robert L Parsons II

Cowpoke, Dru Montague

Proprietor, Glen Popple









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