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Chantel Harpole

Actor/ Filmmaker

Chantel Harpole is a native of Milwaukee and has been showcasing her acting and writing through theatre and performing poetry. Having always had an interest in being an actress, she decided to pursue the whole experience several years ago, but it wasn't until dared by friends to enter a poetry "Slam" competition did she realize that spoken word was a passion of hers as well. Since then she has been featured as a segment reporter on the TV show "Making The Grade," a short-lived local MPS program for teens. Other small screen sightings include commercial ads and a (one time only) live performance on Fox 6 Wake Up, to draw interest in a play she, along with 9 other actors, wrote and performed in a Theatre X production called "What Matters" (2003).

Chantel jumped head first into theatre when she performed in Bunny Gumbo's Combat Theatre during its debut in 2000.

Ms. Harpole first became part of Dirty Job Films when cast for the role of Denise in "Disembodied." This came with the opportunity to work with Michael Moynihan & John Van Slyke again. As a result of working with such innovative directors as John Schneider of Theatre X. Chantel continues to evolve and grow from each experience adding to her arsenal of talents, which lead her to direct her first film, Linger.

Currently Chantel is looking for other opportunities in the film industry.

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