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All This Time

1998, 16 minutes

Crime Drama

A co-production with Old Skool Productions

Small timer Tony Towne can't get his mind off Anna Karina, his ex he set up to take his fall. But she got away and has returned a year later, looking to settle everything. The problem is Tony thinks that he might still love her.

Told in a series of flashbacks to see how their relationship evolved. 





Using characters that he used before in the short Dead Men, Ross Bigley brings them back again with different actors in the roles. He also introduces the character of Anna Karina with this production. All the characters will again appear in Slacktime with again completely different actors inhabitating the roles. Tony Towne also makes an appearance in Alpha City with Dave Steward in the role he originated in Dead Men. And the character of Mr. Jones plays a substantial role in the Dirty Job series.

The longer Slacktime is really a combination of this movie and a remake of the short by the same name.



Kevin Sinclair



Tony Myers


Written, photographed, produced, edited, directed:

Ross Bigley

Jenny Wong - Toys Chinatown restaurant
Nancy Beyer - Thompson Meadows

Anna, Tiffany Luk
Tony Towne, Marshall Mahoney
Mr. Jones, Mike Moynihan
Maury,  Afrison Bromley
Monty, Tony Myers
Cop 1,  Jimmie Smith
Cop 2,  Jelani Nation
Crony,  Donnell Jackson


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