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Mary Morales

Actor/ Filmmaker

Having been banished from Iceland after unfortunate charges of homicide, Mary E. Morales sailed west, where she was recently able to add the colonization of Greenland to her excessive list of achievements. Umm. No. No that was famed temperamental Viking explorer, Eric the Red.

Mary E. Morales is a real live southern girl, famous for her cutting edge wit and her beans and rice. She graduated from the esteemed Knox College, with a degree in theatre and a music concentration. As a fervent insomniac, she had the time to gain experience in just about every aspect of theatre, including acting, directing, set and costume design and construction, music performance and composition, delicious blood effects--and dialect coaching! Having moved to the frozen tundra of Wisconsin from the hellfire of Mississippi, Mary has thus far successfully lived out one of her life long dreams: to serve as a receptionist for a university dental clinic, while moonlighting as an actor and musician in a locale featuring the badger as the state animal, and the state beverage--milk.

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