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Give Until It Hurts

2007, 18 Minutes

Dark Comedy


Produced in association with Bunny Gumbo Productions


Robert Kineski comes home from work one night, turning on the radio he finds that NPR is doing another round of their fundraising. Which he finds that he'll have to give until it hurts.


Adapted from the play of the same name by James Fletcher. The play itself won "Best Play" at the Milwaukee International Ten Minute Play Festival.





Give Until It Hurts, by James Fletcher, was originally written as a short play. The original stage production was part of Playwrights Studio Theatre's International Festival of 10-Minute Plays in 2006, where it won best production. The original cast was re-assembled in 2007 for the video production, which was directed by Fletcher and Ross Bigley.


Written, produced and co- directed by:
James Fletcher

Director of Photography
Jenny Morgan

Producer, Editor, co- director 
Ross Bigley


Production Assistant
Rex Sikes

Thank you
The Inzeo family




Robert Kineski , Tim Higgins

Johnny Fingers , Robert W.C. Kennedy

Anthony the Clam ,  John Inzeo

Radio Voice 1, Todd Denning

Radio Voice 2, Toni Inzeo





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