The Last Day

2015, 8 minutes

Drama (Contains violence and nudity)


Produced in association with T.O. Media.


A prostitute trying to make ends meet has an appointment with a man who isn't what he claims to be.  Who's last day will it be? His or hers? 




Torn from the headlines, the plot came from a real life incident. We changed the names and situations to make it our own.



Written, produced and directed by:
Ross Bigley

Directors of Photography
Ryan Klassa


Nelson Oliveras


1st A.D./ Post Sound ADR

Van Campbell III


Fight Choreographer

Jorge Monterrey 



CGI Effects

Adam Thompson

Nelson Oliveras

Glen Popple


Lighting Grip

David Smulski


Technical Consultant

Steve Piper





Prostitute, Anieya Walker

Serial Killer, Louis Sather

The John, Jorge Monterrey 






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