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The Dirty Job 4: The Tale of Ralphie Kleinman

2002, 7 minutes
Black Comedy, Action

Sitting in a coffeehouse Mr. Jones, the head of the DSI recounts to Special Agent John the incident that caused Michelle to hunt down low life wanna be Ralphie Kleinman.

This takes place now with Robert's character serving as Bob's replacement, the tale of Ralphie is told in flashback and takes us back to the events that opened the first "Dirty Job". 





Shot three years after the first "Dirty Job" in July and October of 2001, this short ties directly into that one's opening sequence. We never really knew why Michelle went after Ralphie Kleinman, now bringing back the actors from Dirty Job's 1 & 2 Ross Bigley was able to add details to enhance the "Dirty Job" world. All though Naomi was now living in LA, Ross was able to include Michelle by having the story focus on that character's impact upon others.


"I really liked seeing these characters come back and interact in ways they never did before, plus I liked adding new details like a new agent, and MR. Jones secret life." Ross Bigley


Music by:

Ku Mays & J. Nation


Written, photographed, produced, edited, effects, directed by:

Ross Bigley



Ralphie Kleinman, Marshall Mahoney

Mr. Jones, Michael John Moynihan

George, Kid Beat Box

Special Agent John, Robert W. C. Kennedy

Whore, Stacie Williams

Special Agent Michelle, Naomi Leonard

Guard, Dave Rogman

Tom Tom, Felix Bofil

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