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Petty Cash

2010, 89 minutes
Black Comedy, Action

Bag man Richie (Joshua Parkes) understands that he's on his last chance with mob boss Javier (James J. Gallagher) , it was a simple pick up. But a man is dead, and the cash gone. Who would have the nerve to steal from Javier? Richie's girlfriend Carina (Cyn Dulay), that's who, and her partners in crime, dealer Spain (Donnell Jackson) and his junkie whore Dee Dee (Natasha Nafrini).


Meanwhile, strip club owner Jimmie (Robert WC Kennedy) has fallen for dancer Sandy (Edy Cullen), he knows that Sandy really loves John (Nathaniel Ross). He also knows they are planning on skipping town, with money that John has been skimming, and that's something he can't allow. But Coco (Bai Ling) wants that money as well and she's willing to go to extreme measures to get her hands on that cash. The question is who can stay out of the morgue?




Dirty Job Films is proud to present our second feature film, Petty Cash. Scripted during the holiday season of 2009 with production beginning in February of 2010, the film was shot in 16 days, only on weekends, over a 6 month period. This included a quick reshoot happening in September 2010 with Bai Ling coming in to recreate an existing role. Petty Cash premiered a month later to thrilled audiences at a packed theater inside the Milwaukee Art Museum.


"In a world where everyone has secrets, who can you trust? Petty Cash is a non-stop thrill ride with characters that leap off the screen. When debts are due, there's no where to hide and somebody's going to pay. A low level bag man, his wife, his brother, a stripper, the strip club owner, a junkie whore, a psychopathic mute, a crime boss, and others, all collide in a final dance of death over money and survival.



Written, Produced, Edited,  Directed by:

Ross Bigley



Craig McCarthy

Timothy Lonsdale


Executive Producers:

Janet K. Beasly

Shaylse Dominique

Ross Bigley


Director of photography:

Glen Popple


Associate Producers:

David Smulski

Dru Montaque

Tom Lodewyck


Unit Production Manager:

Lindsay Bledsoe


1st Assistant Director (WI):

Jenny Morgan


1st Assistant Director (Chicago):

Cyn Dulay


Chief Lighting Technician: 

Dru Montaque


Best Boy:

David Smulski


Visual Effects Supervisor:

Donald Ford


Special Make Up Effects:

Jamie Anderson

Jason Satterfield

Donald Ford


Bai Ling's Make Up Artist:

Nicole Donnelly


Post Production Sound:

Thomas L. Muschitz


Production Assistants:

Nathan Irish

Vito Valenti



CoCo, Bai Ling

Carina, Cyn Dulay

Jimmy, Robert W.C. Kennedy

Sandy, Edy Cullen

John, Nathaniel Ross

Richie, Joshua Parkes

Lars, Tom Lodewyck

Javier, James J. Gallagher 

Marcello, Dan Katula

Stephanie, Stacey Meyer

Spain, Donnell Jackson

Dee Dee, Natasha Nafrini

Tong, Elvis Thao

Sergio, Robert Glenn Jones

Sugar, Mary E. Morales

Dr. Dan, Wayne Clingman

Maurry Castle, John Van Slyke

Mary Ann, Lindsay Bledsoe




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