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Happiness Is A Long Shot.

2007, 18 minutes

Dark Comedy


HAPPINESS IS A LONG SHOT is crime/comedy about three addicts who are in recovery through a process called Happiness Therapy, a program developed by a therapist who goes by the name Doc (Amanda Shalhoub). Doc is of somewhat mysterious background and employs somewhat unorthodox methods.


Al (Robert W.C. Kennedy) is a recovering gambling addict, Denise (Chantel Harpole) is a recovering sex addict and Terri (Laura Nicolas Demoon) is trying to recover from her obsession to buy & use any product Tupperware manufacturers. But Doc's therapy is actually a cover to lure patients in becoming unknowing accomplices in homicidal criminal acts.The patients turn out to not be recovering as much as Doc thought and not willing to become victims of the Doc's twisted criminal scam. The result is that the patients come up with a therapeutic breakthrough, but only the Doc takes a cure. Not so willingly.





In 2007, Dirty Job Films started a series of short films hat were established to help actors develop their own material. For the most part these were designed to be shot in a weekend. Happiness Is A Long Shot was the first one completed.


Director of Photography:

Jenny Morgan


Produced and Written By:

Michael John Moynihan based off his stage play.


Produced, Edited, and Directed By:

Ross Bigley


Thank you
The Fitzsimmons  family

John Van Slyke

Naomi Leonard



Doc , Amanda Shalhoub

Al , Robert W.C. Kennedy

Denise, Chantel Harpole

Terri, Laura Nicolas Demoon





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