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2007, 5 minutes

Drama. (Adult Content/ nudity)


After accidentally running into her ex lover, a woman returns to their old meeting place and becomes consumed with memories, both good and bad.




This is a story of memories. Ones that haunt. Ones that creep in to your soul. Chantel Harpole makes her directorial debut with this short film developed from a plot by Ross Bigley. Originally this project was conceived as a story between a man and woman but during the developement stages the concept was changed to reflect the story of two women. The main character would be younger, and more innocent in the ways of the heart.

Chantel directs with a delicate hand, focusing on the heart of the piece. This film was shot and edited in a day and features a beautiful score by Seb. This short has been a favorite on Vimeo.




Chantel Harpole


Producer, Editor and D.P.

Ross Bigley



Thank you

Don Krause at the Art Bar




Woman, Gabrielle McCord

Other woman, Chantel Harpole


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