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Alpha City

Black Comedy, Sci Fi Drama

A homage to Jean-Luc Godard's "Alphaville". A female agent with no name and no recognizable affiliation is given orders to stop the mad Dr. Kildare from turning Alpha City into a fascist state, where the citizens are quickly becoming faceless drones. But is that her real mission and will she be able to put a stop to everything before succumbing to the insanity around her? 





As a big Godard fan, this film served as the basis for what will become filmmaker Ross Bigley's Dirty Job series. Originally it was to have a set of twins as the leads, with one always finishing off the others thoughts. But casting proved difficult and he changed the script to suit one actress.

The whole production was shot over two nights in just one location that served all its needs for six different sets.

Written, photographed, produced, directed by:
Ross Bigley

Ross Bigley and Maria Sprecher

Production Assistants:
Maria Sprecher and Dave Steward

French Translation:
Buffy Kim Woo

French Voice Over:
David C. Olsen

The Agent, Buffy Kim Woo
Dr. Kildare, Michael Moynihan
The Contact, Nick Quickly
The Shadow, John David
The American, Marshall Mahoney
The Snitch, Chun Gleser
Tony Towne, Dave Steward
Maurry, Eugene Campbell
Drones, Bryan Ash, Mark Beyer, Maria Sprecher, Mike Pinkepank

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