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Short Films

DEE DEE 5.jpg

DircetorRoss Bigley

Genre Crime Drama


A prequel short film to Petty Cash that focuses on Natasha Nafrini's character, Dee Dee.



Creators Andrea Ivy & Ross Bigley

Genre Drama


A young black woman discovers her white boyfriend's racist texts.


The Op 2 B.jpg

Director:  Michael Allen Weber

Genre:  Film Noir


The Op is back, and finds out he has a past that he never knew about.



Hot Doggs.jpg
Real Doggs  (2017) 

Director:  Dave Smulski & Ross Bigley

Genre: Documentary


A Short Documentary on a Milwaukee Institution.


Conversation nsfw.jpg
Conversations   (2014) 

Director:  Ross Bigley

Genre:  Drama


A lonely young woman (Anieya Walker) enters a hotel room and gets into a relationship she never experienced.


yellow hill.jpg

Director:  Ross Bigley

Genre:  Western


An introduction to The Stranger played by Bai Ling as her character discovers the fate of her father.



the card.jpg
The Card  (2011) 

Director:  Ross Bigley

Genre:  Drama


Done for the MARNKino 48, theme one: So 1 location, 1 prop, 1 shot and 1 actor.

N MAN 1.jpg

Directors:  Kid Beat Box, Rex Sikes, Melissa Musante & Ross Bigley

Genre:  Comedy


This Kid Beat Box produced series features his creation of a wanna be superhero, Naked Man.




Director:  Michael Allen Weber

Genre:  Film Noir


The late 1930s,  the murder of wealthy beer baron,  and it falls to The Op to solve the case.



and you are 5.jpg
And You Are  (2007) 

Director:  Ross Bigley

Genre:  Sci Fi


What if you come to realize that the life you are living was already predestined for you, that your choices didn't matter.

Give Until It Hurts.jpg

Directors:  James Fletcher & Ross Bigley

Genre:  Dark Comedy


Robert Kineski comes home from work one night, turning on the radio he finds that NPR is doing another round of their fundraising. Which he finds that hell have to give until it hurts.

happiness is a long shot 1.jpg

Director:  Ross Bigley

Genre:  Dark Comedy


Three addicts become pawns in a therapist evil scheme.



linger remastered.jpg

Director:  Chantel Harpole

Genre:  Drama


After accidentally running into her ex lover, a woman returns to their old meeting place and becomes consumed with memories, both good and bad.

Haunted Final Poster.jpg

Director:  Ross Bigley

Genre:  Drama


A beautiful young woman lies awake, haunted by past memories of her lover. A lover who appears to be a ghost and visits her nightly.



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