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Tom Lodewyck

Actor/ Filmmaker

Tom Lodewyck (born May 14, 1966) is an American actor known mainly for his roles in independent horror films. Lodewyck was born in Chicago, Illinois. He studied theatre in Tucson, Arizona, and interned at the legendary Gas Light Theater company.

Returning to Chicago in the mid-eighties, he had planned for a career in broadcasting, but became heavily involved in the music scene instead. Towards the end of the nineties, the acting bug resurfaced and he relocated to southern Wisconsin, where he worked in regional theatre and joined the infamous Broom Street Theater company.

Lodewyck's film debut was a small part in Kathleen Slattery' Moschkau's Side Effects (2005), starring an up and coming Katherine Heigl.

In 2006, Lodewyck landed a much larger role as a 1930's killer in The Legend Trip (2006). In 2007, he had a starring role in Carnivorous (2007) for Lighting Rod Studios / Shoreline Entertainment.

In 2008, he had two different roles on the television series Animal Witness (2008) for the Animal Planet Network. These early roles highlight Lodewyck's ability to play both villains and heroes. Lodewyck's horror film career continued with Satanic Panic (2009) and Pickman's Muse (2009). He gave a much more comical performance as (Aaron Burg) in the horror/comedy Incest Death Squad (2009).

He also landed a small part in Michael Mann's Public Enemies (2009) that same year. Lodewyck would show his versatility as an actor with the role of (Jack Carter) in the family drama The Penny (2010) and in the dramady Spirit Lake (2010). He would also return to his villainous roots as a crooked sheriff in A Rabbit's Trails (2010) and (Jack Lavelle) in Stolen Light Films' Still Life (2010).

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