Blood of Bad Men

2018, 85 minutes
Drama, Action, Thriller (Adult Content/ nudity/ gore)


Produced in association with T.O. Media

Dillon is left for dead by his partners in crime, the Crime Queen they ripped off wants them all found. The question is who will find who first. 




Music by:




Ross Bigley


Edited & directed by:

Ross Bigley


Executive producers:

Ross Bigley

Nelson Oliveras


Director of photography:

Joe Lefeber


Second Camera:

Steve Miller


Camera assistants

Steve Miller

Mike Krukowski


Unit production manager:

Nelson Oliveras


1st Assistant directors

Van Campbell II

Luis Matos


2nd Assistant director

Vito Valenti


Special make up effects:

Veronica Handeland




Dave Smulski



Brandon Kirk


Production designer

Veronica Handeland


Production assistants:

Luis Matos

Serbata Terrer

Anthony Diaz



Dillon,  Michael Chobanoff

Maggie, Anieya Walker

Pops, Kevin Croak

Selma, Mandy Schulz

Jasmine, Natasha Nafrini

Momma, Niko King

Shane, Dan Katula

Serious Man 1 & 2, R. Michael Gull

Willem, Joshua Parkes

Serious Man 3, Moe Pull

Holly, Leah Tiger Lilly

Jerry, John Van Slyke

Amanda, Sherrie Bizzle

Serious Man 4, Sammy Aumend

Serious Man 5, Donnell Jackson

Serious Man 6, Michael Weber

Serious Man 7, Nathaniel Ross

Small Timer 1, Steve Piper

Small Timer 2, Michael Denk 

Small Timer 3, Louis Sather

Small Timer 4, Fred Diggens

Mija, Alejandra Gonzales