“All you need to make a movie is a girl and a gun.” ― Jean-Luc Godard.

About Us

Dirty Job Films is an independent production house that is dedicated to producing material that's both entertaining, yet cutting edge.


Our first film was Cruel Shifts. starring Rob Schrab and Matthew Laznicka, Rob and Matthew returned for more with Bed Bugs, Rigor mortis, The Job and Dyslexic Thoughts. Many of these older films were shot in the pre-digital age and we are transfering them. Please check back regularly.  


Since then, filmmaker Ross Bigley has gathered a team of people including Glen Popple, Bai Ling, John Van Slyke, Robert WC. Kennedy, Naomi Leonard and Mary Morales. Using Dirty Job Films as a place to develop work for anyone that has a great idea but not the money.

In The News



New Third Choice shorts coming!

Two unfinished 3rd Choice short films were recently

discovered. Expect them later this year.



DEE DEE short in post!

A short film spinning out of Petty Cash is heading to post! Dee Dee stars Natasha Nafrini.



Yellow Hill: The Stranger's Tale Wins Big!

​Yellow Hill: The Stanger's Tale wins "Best Short Narrative" at the South Dakota Film Festival, Bai Ling and Glen Popple were there to thank everyone.​ 


Ross Bigley


Ross Bigley



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