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1996 - 2003

Director:  Ross Bigley

Genre:  Comedy


Three old friends gather to talk about what they have been doing, the conversation turns to boy friends and we relive each experience through flashbacks

Director:  Ross Bigley

Genre:  Horror


An Asian couple pulls into an alley for a romantic moment, but terror ensues when they encounter an unstoppable homeless man.



My Ex-Boyfriends Sexual Disorders.jpg
A Little Horror.jpg
tai chi today.jpg

Genre:  Instructional


A 5 part series that serves as an introduction to Tai Chi, taking you through the beginning steps and fundamental tools needed to learn Tai Chi. 



Director:  John Van Slyke

Genre:  Drama


Watching a late night talk show, where guests do little more than shout at one another and fight, a young woman recalls a moment of childhood drama.


Everybody gotta die final poster.jpg

Director:  Mike Pinkepank

Genre:  Comedy/Action


Michael  Weber's Secret Agent teams up with sexy spy,  Naomi Leonard to fight evil.




Director:  Ross Bigley

Genre:  Crime Drama


This is the dark tale of Anna Karina, as she hits rock bottom. She spends her days and nights wandering the streets, selling herself for drugs.



dj final poster.jpg

Director:  Ross Bigley

Genre:  Dark comedy/ Action


In a large nameless metropolitan east coast city, Special Agent Michelle (Naomi Leonard) of the DSI polices the hidden demon population.




dj 2 final.jpg

Directors:  Ross Bigley

Genre:  Dark Comedy/ Action


Her job was to kill everyone. But, someone didn't stay dead.



DJ 3.jpg

Director:  Ross Bigley

Genre:  Dark Comedy


This vignette examines the strange relationship between Michelle  and the Cretin. Why he always feels compelled to confront her even though he knows he'll get his ass handed back to him..

dj 4.jpg

Director:  Ross Bigley

Genre:  Dark Comedy


Sitting in a coffeehouse Mr. Jones , the head of the DSI recounts to Special Agent John the incident that caused Michelle to hunt down low life wanna be Ralphie Kleinman.



DJ 5 B.jpg

Director:  Ross Bigley

Genre:  Dark Comedy


Taking place right after the first "Dirty Job", we examined more closely on the character of Bob. His playing of both sides and his relationship with Michelle.



all this time copy.jpg

Director:  Ross Bigley

Genre:  Crime Drama


Small timer Tony Towne can't get his mind off Anna Karina, his ex he set up to take his fall. But she got away and has returned a year later, looking to settle everything. The problem is Tony thinks that he might still love her. 


Alpha City.jpg

Director:  Ross Bigley

Genre:  Sci Fi


A homage to Jean-Luc Godard's "Alphaville". A female agent with no name and no recognizable affiliation is given orders to stop the mad Dr. Kildare from turning Alpha City into a fascist state.



The Senate.jpg

Director:  Ross Bigley

Genre:  Comedy


Created by David B. Steward, Van Campbell and Ross Bigley, this two episode run consisted of produced filmed segments, or short films. Most of the material was written by David B. Steward



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