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Don Ford


I was born Donald Arthur Ford on November 28th 1984, and I grew up with a love of art and a need to be creative. Throughout my school days I studied drawing, painting, photography and sculpture, but I didnt find my true passion until I got my hands on a video camera.

My parents raised me on films and so I soon combined my enjoyment of cinema with my need to be creative and began making short films with my buddies back at New Trier High School. Soon it became more than a hobby, and I headed to The Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design to continue studying the art of film and video.

At MIAD I began to make both experimental and narrative short films. I also worked as an intern at various production houses to gain professional experience. Soon I began doing my own video work as a freelancer, and Ive been doing so since 2007. I find it gratifying to do work that I enjoy. I have also worked with some wonderful filmmakers on independent productions in the Milwaukee area.

For me filmmaking is all about the collaborative experience, I find that every experience comes with important lessons. My goal is to never stop learning, progressing and growing as a filmmaker. I always want to be a student of film.

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