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The Dirty Job 5: The Deal

2002, 6 minutes
Black Comedy, Action

Taking place right after the first "Dirty Job", we examine more closely on the character of Bob. His playing of both sides and his relationship with Michelle, which plays directly into his acts of betrayal during The Dirty Job 2: Dead As I Wanna Be. 





Shot three years after the second installment this finishes off the series. During the shooting of these last three shorts Ross took the opportunity to film more scenes that could be added to the first two "Dirty Jobs". The opening scene of #5 also serves as the epilogue to the first film.


"This is my favorite of the final three that we had shot, I think we end the series on a nice note with real strong acting by everyone involved." Ross Bigley


Music by:

Ku Mays & J. Nation


Written, photographed, produced, edited, effects, directed by:

Ross Bigley



Bob, John Van Slyke

Leon, Michael Weber

Michelle, Naomi Leonard

Special Agent John, Robert W. C. Kennedy

Special Agent Tom, David B. Steward

The Cretin, Bo Sefus

The Guard, John Cullinan

Fatty Boy, Kid Beat Box

Degenerate Stripper Girlfriend, Naomi Leonard


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