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Dead Men

1995, 16 minutes

Crime Drama/ Horror

Hit man, Maury Castel has a new girlfriend who believes in reincarnation, his partner, Tony Towne doesn't know what to make of this, or his questioning on if there's more after your life ends. But then, a job goes bad and they both might not live through the night.




The first use of the characters Maury Castel and Tony Towne, who evolve and later appeared in Alpha City, All This Time and Slacktime.


The is the only existing copy of the film. Sadly it is a 3rd or 4th generation dupe copy on VHS. So the quality is horrendous. 


I've hesitated digging out my early work since I feel that I've grown a lot as a filmmaker, but as I get older you should see where you came from artistically.  And to preserve your work, because no one else will. So, for those that helped make this, I've made it available. 



Briane F. Pagel J.R.


Written, produced, edited, directed:

Ross Bigley

Director of Photography:

Maria Sprecher

Camera, sound, set decoration:

Ross Bigley

Maria Sprecher

Unit Production Manager

Briane F. Pagel J.R.

Tony Towne, Dave Steward
Maury Castel,  Ed Roddy
Job 1,  Dan Streng
Jop 2,  Chun Geiser
The Broker,  Briane F. Pagel J.R.


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