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Robert W.C. Kennedy


This handsome six-footer, a graduate of the Specialist In Acting Major in Theatre and Drama at the "University of Wisconsin - Madison," has been acting professionally for nearly 20 years. Working almost exclusively on the stage, Kennedy has appeared in numerous productions in Milwaukee and southeast Wisconsin, as well as in Chicago, New York and Toronto.

Milwaukee credits include productions with Bialystock & Bloom, Bunny Gumbo, Cornerstone Theatre, Milwaukee Irish Arts, Milwaukee Shakespeare Company, Next Act Theatre, and Windfall Ensemble, to name a few. Appearing in several short films and videos of late, most notably with Third Choice ensemble, Petty Cash is his third feature-length project. In addition to acting, Kennedy is a senior communications specialist, copy writer and editor in the corporate sector, an ordained deacon performing weddings in the state of Wisconsin, a card-carrying member of the History Channel Club, and bears the noble title of baron of the Principality of Sealand.

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