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Director:  Ross Bigley

Genre:  Comedy/ Horror


The worst frat house on campus becomes the only place to survive an onslaught of Zombies.

Petty Cash final d.jpg

Director:  Ross Bigley

Genre:  Dark comedy/ Crime Drama

Produced in association with Reign Supreme Entertainment.


In a world where everyone has secrets, who can you trust? Petty Cash is a non-stop thrill ride with characters that leap off the screen. When debts are due, there's no where to hide and somebody's going to pay.

disembodied final.jpg

Director:  Ross Bigley

Genre:  Drama


A Los Angeles woman, Lily, moves to the Midwest to escape from past tragic events. Closing herself off from others, but not her emotions, they drive her to feel the need for some human contact. She meets a man, Philip Chapman, who is also looking for something different in his life. During the course of events, desires complicate their personal lives creating drastic life changes.



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