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2007, 89 minutes

Drama (Adult content)


"Everybody has their reasons."


A Los Angeles woman, Lily, moves to the Midwest to escape from past tragic events. Closing herself off from others, but not her emotions, they drive her to feel the need for some human contact. She meets a man, Philip Chapman who's also looking for something different in his life. During the course of events desires complicate their personal lives creating drastic life changes.





Dirty Job Films is proud to present Disembodied. Written and directed by Ross Bigley, this marks his feature film debut. Starring Mary E. Morales as Lily, John Van Slyke, Stacie Williams, Chantel Harpole, Kid Beat Box and Megan O'Donnell. Disembodied was shot in around the Milwaukee area with a small budget of $1,000 and using 24p video.

Ross Bigley is an accomplished filmmaker with over 30 credits to his name as a writer, producer and director. He has created the popular cult film series The Dirty Job and has recently completed the short films Happiness Is A Long Shot and Linger. Ross is also the founder and festival director of the Milwaukee Short Film Festival.



Written, produced, edited, directed by:

Ross Bigley


Musical Score by:

Mary E. Morales


Director of Photography:

David R. Overbeck



John Van Slyke

Mary E. Morales


Associate Producer:

Michael T. Vollmann


Unit Production Manager, 1st Assistant Director:

Michael T. Vollmann


Additional Photography:

Michael T. Vollmann

Ryan Nelsen

Ross Bigley


Additional Music:"Hey"

written by Atom Smashers Performed by Ku Mays


Projects Coordinator for Dirty Job Films:

David Rogman


PR/Marketing for Dirty Job Films:

Laura Belliveau


Special Thanks to:

Sprecher Brewery

Landmark Lanes

Astor Theatre

Hotel Downtown Apartments

Roman Coin

Downer Hardware

Marcus Theatres

Mariko Ujihisa

Jeff Miracola

John Walski

Naomi Leonard

Jeff Fitzsimmons

Paul G. Burant

Felix Bofil

Robert Oliver

Maggie F. Burrett




Mary E. Morales

Philip Chapman, John Van Slyke

Laura Chapman, Stacie Williams

Stan, Robert W.C. Kennedy

Stephanie Mills, Chantel Harpole

Scott Adams, Kid Beat Box

Miss Candy, Megan O'Donnell

Muscle, David B. Steward

Steve, Michael A. Weber

Paul Adams, Donnell Jackson

Mike, Marshall Mahoney

Larry, Brian Allman

Jessica, Kelly Simon

Underage Stripper, Pa Nhia Moua

Big Guy, Gene Campbell

Big Guy 2, David Rogman

Partier, Lil Diggz

Partier 2, Bill Guehrer

Pool Girl, Kristina Van Slyke

Movie Star, Naomi Leonard

Big Guy 3, Doug Guehrer

Partier 3, Eric Jensen

Partier 4, Scott Gebhart

Movie star 2, John Walski

Partier 5, Justin Bosar

Hot Girl, Amanda Shalhoub

Hot Girl's Boyfriend, Howard Goldstein

Lily's Husband, Steve Koehler

Drunk, Noah Johnson

Lily's Neighbor, Michael T. Vollmann

Homeless man, Michael John Moynihan

Business Advisor, Rex Sikes

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