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The Dirty Job 3: The Cretin

2001, 4 minutes
Black Comedy, Action

Taking place immediately after the last installment, this vignette examines the strange relationship between Michelle and the Cretin. Why he always feels compelled to confront her even though he knows he'll get his ass handed back to him. 




Originally conceived as a comic strip to help flesh out the "Dirty Job" world, Ross Bigley felt this could also work as a short movie. Using footage from previous "Dirty Jobs" as flashbacks he constructed and shot this short in October of 2001. During that time he also shot two more "Dirty Job" shorts.


"Even tough I have other things I'm concentrating on, like a feature film, and a Dirty Job feature script, I made these for the loyal fans in Milwaukee who have asked for more" Ross Bigley


Music by:

J. Nation & Ku Mays


Written, photographed, produced, edited, effects, directed by:

Ross Bigley



The Cretin, Bo Sefus

Special Agent Michelle, Naomi Leonard

The Doctor, J. Nation

Special Agent Bob, John Van Slyke

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