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The Dirty Job

1999, 23 minutes

Revised edit 2003
Black Comedy, Action

In a large nameless metropolitan east coast city, Special Agent Michelle (Naomi Leonard) of the DSI polices the hidden demon population. Her latest assignment given to her by Bob (John Van Slyke); is to punish Tom Tom (Felix Bofil) for sexually assaulting a nun. But in order to do her job Michelle has to contend with local demon boss Fatty Boy (Kid Beat Box), Leon (Michael Weber), The Cretin (Bo Sefus) and their degenerate stripper girlfriend (Leonard in a dual role).

A vulgar comic book brought to life.







One day writer, producer and director Ross Bigley read a famous quote by Jean-Luc Godard "All you need to make a movie is a woman and a gun".

From that Ross envisioned the "Dirty Job" world, blending all types of genres; Hong Kong films, Universal Monster movies, and Gangster films, also a big fan of the French Cinema he tried to bring in a touch of that feeling in to the mix. The result is an ambiguous, wild, over the top vulgar comic book brought to life.

The project brought Ross in association with John Van Slyke for the first time, who has been a tremendous force in getting Ross's work made. John brought together many local actors that he's work with either directing or acted with on stage. Roles were quickly filled, except that of the main character Michelle. Ross saw numerous actors for the part, but the last one he saw; Naomi Leonard was ideal, capturing the tone and attitude immediately. Shooting began in June of 1998, and completed in August of that year. Ross picked locations to give it a more East-coast vibe, than it's actual Midwestern roots. And being an action movie most of all, Ross planned and organized an elaborate gun battle to open the movie and introduce the character of Michelle to the audience. Taking four days to shoot with various camera angles, Michelle battles her way against four armed thugs and literally opens the movie with a bang.

After shooting wrapped, Ross brought in friend Mike Pinkepank and Naomi to assist in the editing. After months of compiling everything together a cut was produced and aired in April of 1999, promptly developing a cult following.

Recently, Ross went back to the editing room to fix and alter things that he felt could have been improved upon. Letting the performances breath, easing the pacing and adding a new epilogue that introduces two new characters.

Music by:
J. Nation and Ku Mays

Written, photographed, produced, edited, effects, directed by:
Ross Bigley

Casting Director:
John Van Slyke

Unit Production Manager, Co-Editor:
Naomi Leonard

Co-Editor (1999 Version):
Michael J. Pinkepank

Additional Music:
"Hey" written by Atom Smashers
Performed by Ku Mays

Hi fi Cafe
Nancy Beyer
Ray Tabor


Special Agent Michelle, Naomi Leonard
Fatty Boy, Kid Beat Box
Special Agent Bob, John Van Slyke
Leon, Michael Weber
Tom Tom, Felix Bofil
Mr. Jones, Michael Moynihan
Ralphie Kleinman, Marshall Mahoney
The Cretin, Bo Sefus
The Guard, John Cullinan
Degenerate stripper girlfriend, Naomi Leonard
Special Agent John, Robert W. C. Kennedy
Special Agent Tom, David B. Steward
Thug 1, Jimmie Smith
Thug 2, J. Nation
Thug 3
, Vince Darby

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