The Op

2015, 10 minutes



Produced in association with Unusual Suspects.


In the late 1930’s the murder of wealthy beer baron has been committed and it falls to The Op to solve the case, but the list of suspects makes it hard to decipher who the real killer is. 




With a love of film noir Michael Weber deveolped The Op, an homage to the works of Dashiell Hammett Continental Op series of works. Dark and hard bitten, it’s set in a world of harsh light, deep shadows and mysterious women. Shot and conceived as one short, it was then lengthen as two shorts. But numerous production problems and reshoots have delayed the second film. Director Michael Weber hopes to complete the film as time permits.



Written, produced and  directed by:
Michael Allen Weber

Directors of Photography
Jenny Morgan & Ross Bigley

Producer, Editor

Ross Bigley




The Op, Michael Allan Weber

Mrs. Vanderhouse, Pamela Brown

Rodney, James Fletcher

Thornton,  James J. Gallagher

Vanderhouse,  John Van Slyke

George Utz, Rex Sikess





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