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Edy Cullen


Edy Cullen was born in Poland and as a young child was moved to the Chicago area by her parents. She has lived in the United States for the past 26 years. While growing up in North Chicago she was dreaming of one day becoming an actress. In the pursuit of making her dreams come true she studied Theater at Northern Illinois University. When she moved to Milwaukee she continued her education with various Theaters and private coaching. Some of her teachers were; Cotter Smith, Jacque Troy from the Rep, Maureen from Actors Craft and Joey Paul from LA. With the belief that you always can improve she is constantly studying the craft.

In her acting journey Edy has been in several Plays but she prefers to focus on her film career. Some of her films are Carnivorous from Lightning Rod Studios (2007), Pickmans Muse (2009). She also has the female lead in Assassins Reunion (2006) and The Rabbits Trails (2010). Some of her more recent films are The Violinist (2009), Thinking Speed (2010), Dreams of Darkness (2010), The Penny (2010) and Still Life (2010)

With her unsurpassed love of acting and her unrelenting drive to succeed, she is always looking for film projects that present a challenge and stretch her acting ability.

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