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Zombie Frat House

2020, 92 minutes
Black Comedy, Action, Horror (Adult Content/ nudity/ gore)


Produced in association with Mutant Bar Monkey & Monkey Films

The hard-partying and prankster boys of Sigma House are expelled from the university. Of course, the boys decide a party of epic proportions is in order! But when they awake, they find that the zombie apocalypse occurred, and the only safe place to fight back a horde of zombies is Sigma house! Did one of the frat boys accidentally set in motion the events that caused the zombie apocalypse? Who will hook up, and who'll live as they fight to survive, in between the sex and bong hits. And just who are the White Trash Zombie Killers?




Zombie Frat House is a wild romp where the dead rise up and create havoc on a Wisconsin State University campus. It’s a hilarious, and often times gross, cross between AMC’s “The Walking Dead ”, and the comedy hit classic film, “Animal House”, with plenty of blood, gore, and beautiful women thrown in for good measure.


This feature was funded through an Indie Go Go campaign and with a few fundraisers. Budgeted at $6,000 with cast and crew signing on for deferred payments once the film is sold. Shot over the summer of 2013, this is the largest production to date for Dirty Job Films. Over 40 speaking roles, over 90 zombie extras, a crew of 20 and shot at over 15 locations. All the actors did their own action sequences as the battled hordes of zombies. This film also features amazing special effects from Alex Falk, from a half zombie crawling on the ground, to a bare chested woman losing her chest. We didn't have a lot of money for a production of this size, but every penny is on the screen.


This film will also experiment with color grading tools, as the story moves along it'll be enhanced with feeling of a bleached out appearance, with the film grain digitally added.


Music by:




Ross Bigley, Brian Roloff & Michelle Hoffman


Edited & directed by:

Ross Bigley


Executive producers:

Leslie Maj

Ross Bigley

Sharon Giesfeldt

Glen Popple



Craig McCarthy


Line producer:

Mark Maj


Associate producers:

Kyle Berg

Colin Daly

Phil Koch


Director of photography:

Phil Koch


Second Camera/second unit photography:

Mark Maj


Unit production manager:

Leslie Maj


Special make up effects:

Alex Falk


Make up:

Alex Falk

Jamie Anderson

Casey Harris

Jenni Schenk

Craig A. Knitt

Hayley SanFillippo

Jake Wittke



Dave Smulski



Immanuel Baldwin


Assistants to Unit Production Manager:

Mary Koch

Ryan Bloomquist


Production assistants:

Rachel Gomez

Mary Ann Clermont

Dan Arroyo


Media management:

Giles Clermont


Armory expert:

Chuck Troyk


Visual effects:

Glen Popple




Wolf,  Brian Miracle

Nora, Kj Lyn

Professor Jon Morr, Bo Johnson

Coach Green, Dan Katula

KG, Anieya Walker

Tan, Elvis Thao

Bull, Kyle Berg

J.B., Colin Daly

Sasha, Marie Sirena

Esteban, Robert W.C. Kennedy

Mandy, Kristin Johnson

Dean Jones, James J. Gallagher

House Mother Martha, Jane Ramage

Professor Helen Stedman, Kathy Landry

Slider, Sherrick Robinson

Roach, Pierre Lewis

Cindy Lou, Grace Dewolf

Father O' Reilly, Greg Ryan

Daniels, John Van Slyke

Babs, Andrea Peters

Laura, Lindsey Gagliano

Buford, Tom Reed

Tobey, John Walski

Darla, Stacey Meyer

Donald, Donnell Jackson

Shelly, Tamsyn Reed

Janitor Bob, Bob Mente

John Chmbers, Jeremy Ross

Brit Martins, Matthew Huebsch

Madam Selena, Shannon Sloan Spice

Toady, Tim Higgins

Camera Man, Nathaniel Ross

Oliver Arkadin, Joshua Parkes

Mrs. Daniels, Alice Wilson

Carol Burns, Ruth Boulet

Lab Coat Student, Richard Faulkner

Militia Man 1, Craig A. Knitt

Militia Man 2,  Mark Maj

Granny Zombie, Gladys Rhodes Chmiel

Professor,  Sharon Giesfeldt

Cowboy Zombie,  Phil Koch

Hippie Zombie,  Wayne Lammert

Chef Zombie, Tyler Mason






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