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2014, 12 minutes

Drama (Adult Content)


Produced in association with Monkey Films.


Pam, a homeless prostitute is wrongly convicted for standing her ground and defending herself from a brutal attack. Released from prison she wants justice against the men that stole her life, and her dignity.


Inspired by the films of Pam Grier.







Dirty Job Films is proud to present Caged. Produced  in association with Monkey Films.


Shot on location in and around the downtown Milwaukee area, this short was produced during the winter and summer of 2014. After shooting for one day in March production halted until late May, this was done in order to show the changes in seasons. And to allow Anieya Walker enough time to get toned up, to show the physical changes in her character as time progressed.  



Director of Photography
Mark Maj


Dave Smulski


Rachel Gomez


Leslie Maj


Ross Bigley



Pam, Anieya Walker

Claudia, Gabrielle McCord-Goins

David, Moe Pull

John, Kyle Berg

Raymond,  Pierre Lewis

Herman, Kid Beat Box

Reporter, Kaylyn Statza

Friend 1, Gordon Thunder

Friend 2, Colin Sznaider

The John, David Smulski





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