The Bananas   (2011)

Director:  John Van Slyke

Starring: Robert WC Kennedy, Dan Katula & Cheryl Roloff


Is his friend leaving bananas behind or is Robert imagining it? The hunt for the truth begins.

WWRD?  (2011)

Director:  Glen Popple

Starring:  Robert WC Kennedy,  Stacey Meyer,  John Van Slyke &  Jane Ramage


The apocalypse is predicted and Christ appears! But which Christ is it?

Director:  John Van Slyke

Starring:  Robert WC Kennedy,  John Van Slyke & Vito Valenti


Two guys in a bar, waiting for the bathroom. One coughs.


No Touchie Touchie (2011)
L.A. Woman (Coming soon)
Bring me the head of Harry Jones (2011)

Director:  Ross Bigley

Starring:  Robert W.C. Kennedy, Gabrielle MG &  Jason Powell


Andy can't get anyone to remember him, even his girlfriend coming home with a date.


Andy (Coming Soon)

Director:  Ross Bigley

Starring:  Libby Amato, Robert WC Kennedy, Dan Katula,  John Van Slyke,  Jason Powell & Nathan Irish


Could plastic surgery turn you into a monster?

Novack P.I (Coming Soon)

Director:  Ross Bigley

Starring:  John Van Slyke, Dan Katula & Cheryl Roloff


An annoying neighbor forces drastic measures through his constant interruptions.


    Director:  Ross Bigley

    Starring:  Robert WC Kennedy,  Stacey Meyer,  John Walski, &  Niko King

Based on an idea by Robert WC Kennedy and Glen Popple. Novack is the best PI around. Groove to his laid back skills as he matches wits against the Guido, and gets the ladies.

Now shooting