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The Bad Girl

2014, 44 minutes turned into 4 webisodes

Comedy (Contains Adult content/ nudity)


Produced in association with Nafrini Films & Mutant Bar Monkey


Tasha  is tired of the same old game with men and has decided it's time to fight back!   Her last boyfriend passed around private photos of her for cash and now she's determined to take control.  She goes through a series of men, crushing them under her thumb, until she inevitably runs into a shady character along with  his dog, a little person . . .and peanut butter.
Her best friend,  Deanna, is more than happy to just sit back and get high but does Deanna's boyfriend have a thing for Tasha?  And what how does Tasha's father mess up the already bad blood between him and his brother with his job as a pleasure coach?







Dirty Job Films is pleased to join forces with Nafrini Films and Mutant Barmonkey Productions for The Bad Girl, a new vehicle for Natasha Nafrini. This outrageous comedy was made to showcase Natasha's comedic skills after her dramatic role in the feature film Petty Cash. It also features the debut of Anieya Walker in the supporting role of Deanna, Natasha's best friend.

Shot with a crew of only three this film, shot over 14 days around the Milwaukee area, showcased areas not committed to film before. The script was worked on by Natasha Nafrini, Glen Popple and Ross Bigley. When they were stuck on the ending Anieya Walker stepped in and conceived of the perfect one befitting of a film such as this.

The show stopping moment is one that every one will talk about, Kid Beat Box's full frontal demonstration of his skills as a sex coach, to the dismay of his daughter played by Natasha. Natasha also tries to top it with a nude run through the streets of Milwaukee in broad daylight. But with all this Hard R outrageousness, the film has a meaningful theme of finding one self, and being true to yourself. Its a Tyler Perry film mixed with The Hangover. 




Producers & writers:
Natasha Nafrini

Glen Popple

Ross Bigley


Glen Popple
Ross Bigley

Ross Bigley

Director of Photography:
David Smulski




Tasha, Natasha Nafrini

Deanna, Anieya Walker

Dylan, Ryan H. Nelson

The Uncle,  Gene Campbell

The Aunt, Jackie Brown

Herman, Kid Beat Box

The Client, Triko Bronjio

Vito,  John Van Slyke

Glen, Glen Popple

Ivan, Nathaniel Ross

Koukalouras, Jim Decker

Gigalo, David Smulski

The Ex,  Michael Monk Jr.

Patron,  Michael Denk

The Friend, Will Medina

Hobo, Gary "Dirty " Ward




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