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The Job

1994, 11 minutes


IA mob enforcer is betrayed on a mission, his target is alone with him, and a killer is coming. The enforcer has no choice but the let his target save him.




Originally produced on tape in 1994 through MATA Community Media, and edited tape to tape, the surviving materials are 2nd generation at best. This short also had areas that were damaged. Luckily it did not hurt the plot having those sections removed, the director, Ross Bigley had trim a few lines of dialogue that became irrelevant due to removal of the damaged sections. The film's original run time was 13 minutes. ​This has been upconverted from VHS to HD.


Script and Direction by

Ross Bigley


Story Assist by

Matthew Laznicka

Dan Streng



Maria Sprecher


Edited by

Ross Bigley

Maria Sprecher



Lewis, Matthew Laznicka

Dreyfuss, Bill Guehrer

Killer, Daniel Streng

Marla, Shari Guehrer

John, Ross Bigley

Cop, Ernest Hays

Donna Jones,  Carol Berndt

Mr Spileto's 2nd, Briane F. Pagel JR





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