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Naked Man Web Series

2007-08, various running times under 5 minutes

Comedy. (Adult  content/ nudity) 


Produced by Beat Box Films.


This Kid Beat Box-produced series features his creation of a wanna-be superhero: Naked Man.



Episode 1: Who Is Naked Man?

Directed by Ross Bigley

Boom City is ridden with crime, only one superhero can right all that is wrong, Naked Man!  Meet Naked Man, Crankee Frankee and the villainous Litter Bug.


Episode 2: Doing Number Two. 

Directed by Rex Sikes & Melissa Musante

Where is Naked Man? Only his girlfriend Gloria knows for sure.  And just what is the Litter Bug planning?  to.


Episode 3: Naked Man VS The Hobo

Directed by Ross Bigley

The Hobo is running free, turning others into Hobos. How can Naked Man stop him?


Episode 4: Naked Man in Bondage.

Directed by Rex Sikes

The Litter Bug reveals her evil plans. With Crankee Frankee captured can Naked Man prevail?


Episode 5: Naked Man Up The Butt!

Directed by Kid Beat Box

The Origin of Naked Man










From the mind of Kid Beat Box, this perverted super hero concept sprung to life after he met Rex Sikes & Ross Bigley. Wanting something new, Ross agreed to film the first one, with Rex taking over the series. But during the long editing process Kid saw problems with the second and third segments. He asked Ross to do another one and slotted it in third place while the series was re-edited. He did, giving Kid the extra time to fix the suspect material. To close out the series Kid scripted and directed the 5th installment. This series is only available on Funny or Die.




Naked Man, Kid Beat Box

Crankee Frankee, Felix Bofil

Litter Bug/Glora #2, Hester M O' Donnell

Old Lady/Bum, Sandy Lewis

Gloria #1, Lisa Schieffer

Smitty, Rex Skes

Weinstein, Donnell Jackson

Hobo/Rapist, Dave Lachance

Pastor Johnson, Gene Campbell

Pervert attacker, Clarence Aumed

Thug, Reggie Hardin

Bussness Woman,  Jocelyn Ridgely



Otis T. Hooker

Enid Clark

Michael John Moynihan

Peter J Lameka

Jennifer Lee

Bridget Jamison

Stephen Wetzel

Dick Chenney

P. Mell

Donna McMaster




Select Production Photos

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