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Nathaniel Ross

Actor/ Filmmaker

Petty Cash is only the fourth project Nathaniel Ross has worked on in his short, two year film career. However, of the four projects; all have been feature films and all have been starring roles. He shows unbelievable range and versatility. Whether its been a serial killer, a rough and rugged cowboy or an average Joe; his previous roles prepared him for Petty Cash as a street thug in an underworld of crime and deception.

A former stand-up comic, Ross shows great stage presence which was rewarded with nationally acclaimed awards already. (Most notably - Best Male Lead in a feature, Myrtle Beach International Film Festival - Dec. 2008)

Spending the majority of his time acting, he has also jumped behind the camera as a director, producer, writer and editor. When asked about the other positions in film Ross replied, In order to fully understand one aspect of film, you must at least comprehend the countless others. I focus more on acting because I'm a great liar by nature. I find it easier to lie to an audience for a couple hours than my wife for a number of years.

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