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The Dirty Job 2: Dead as I Wanna Be

1999, 35 minutes

Revised edit 2003
Black Comedy, Action

Her job was to kill everyone. But, someone didn't stay dead.


Taking place six months after the first Dirty Job, Michelle (Naomi Leonard) is shocked to find Leon (Michael Weber) still alive.


It becomes a race for her to find Leon and to find out why he's back, before he sends his army of skin jobs and perverts to kill her. More over the top than the last one, as Michelle fights for her life taking them all on in a huge kung fu battle royale. But she still has to find out who set her up, and who is this Mysterious Toesucker?






With the first "Dirty Job" being well received, the star Naomi Leonard agreed to assume the mantle again of Special Agent Michelle of the DSI. But, writer and director Ross Bigley wanted to be more ambitious, he wanted to expand the "Dirty Job" world. He felt it was also an opportunity to do things better, to take out what didn't work and enhance the elements that did. With most of the cast returning or creating new characters the new "Dirty Job" began production in June of 1999.


In an effort to make this new "Dirty Job" an improvement, Ross conceived of a big martial arts battle with Naomi squaring off against an army of demons. Enlisting the aid of Sifu Steve Kleppe to do this, Steve felt it was important not to have the actors doubled, but to have both Naomi and John Van Slyke rehearse many long hours with him, to make them believable in the mist of that battle.


But production halted in August of that year with only a few minor things to be picked up. All of Ross's equipment and half the footage were stolen from him; including the big martial arts battle. Ross feared that there was no way to finish the movie, Naomi and Steve though agreed without hesitation to reshoot everything. And within a week shooting resumed and was wrapped in October of 1999.


Ross finished editing in February the following year, where it was enthusiastically praised.


Martial arts choreography by:

SiFu Steve Kleppe


Music by:

J. Nation, Ku Mays and 19: T-shirts


Written, photographed, produced, edited, effects, directed by:

Ross Bigley


Casting Director / Unit Production Manager:

John Van Slyke


Co-Producer, opening credit montage:

Naomi Leonard


Production Assistant:

Maria Sprecher


Fire arms / Production Assistant:

David Rogman


Production Assistant / Associate Producer:

Michael J. Pinkepank


Martial arts trainers:

Simu Shari Kleppe

Karen Ratay

Peter Clark

Vic Rabb

Brian Stendler

Brian Koester

Russell Tesch

Scott Gier

Paul Starich

Robert Lange




19 T Shirts


Produced by 19 T shirts and Rick Hake



John Van Slyke

Katy Chapman of Steamers Coffee

Bill Ryan of Landmark Lanes

Ray Tabor




Special Agent Michelle, Naomi Leonard

Special Agent Bob, John Van Slyke

Leon, Michael Weber

Mr. Jones, Michael Moyinhan

George, Kid Beat Box

The Cretin, Bo Sefus

Sickpuppy, Brian Albers

Toesucker, Felix Bofil

Jimmie J, Tom T.

Warrior 1, SiMu Shari Kleppe

Warrior 2, Karen Ratay

F. O. G 1, Dave Rogman

Hen pecked demon, J. Nation

Dirty Girl demon, Myka Gracie Lee

F. O. G. 2, Fat Boy

Interdimensional Kung Fu Spirits, Peter Clark, Vic Raab, Russell Tesch, Brian Koester, Brian Stendler

Credit Girls, Pherda Free, Ida Slapter, Kylie West

Old date on phone, Michael Pinkepank

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