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2014, 30 minutes

Drama (Adult Content)


Produced in association with Monkey Films.


A lonely woman who spends 300 days a year on the road, ends up in a hotel. And when the phone rings it will change her life forever.







This is a project that was long in development, it was produced back in 2008 but complications arose when scheduling pick ups and reshoots happened so it was shelved. Shortly there after Chantel Harpole expressed an interest in producing and directing it, starting from scratch, but with a twist. Shoot it three times and each version with a different feel and lead. But again scheduling issues arose and it was put on the shelf one more time.


Recently, Anieya Walker who originally read for it back in 2008 needed material for a reel. I suggested we shoot this in a day, all 30 pages and at least it would be finally be completed. A straight 8 hour shoot in a hotel room. But one problem surfaced. The original footage was shot in SD, which isn't compatible for today's HD market. And there was a hiss to the audio tracks.


The two remaining original actors, Libby Amato and John Van Slyke returned to refilm their material and record ADR. Now the film is completed in HD and ready for viewing.



Director of Photography

Mark Maj



David Smulski



Ross Bigley



Chantel Harpole



Christine, Anieya Walker

Samantha, Libby Amato

Tom,  John Van Slyke





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