Yellow Hill

Western/ Drama


Produced through our sister company, Yellow Hill Investments LLC, and in assoction with White Spirit Inc and Mutant Bar Monkey


"The 1860's. A time when people of all stripes came to America. The land of dreams. The land of promise. These were people looking for prosperity. What they found was hardship.


In a dying gold town called Holsum a community of Chinese immigrantsis being brutalized, beaten, whipped and even murdered. Corrupt Mayor Carson and his gang of vicious lackeys, led by ruthless psychopath Jackson, is trying to drive them out but they refuse to leave.


Enter The Stranger: A beautiful Chinese woman who has suppressed a great deal pain from her past. Sold into prostitution when her father needed money she meets a mysterious companion that shows her kindness, then showed her love. Until the day he left her. So The Stranger rises up against her sadistic owner, killing him and fleeing. She now wanders the American frontier, cut off emotionally from everyone.


The Stranger arrives in Holsum by train, just passing through. The locals don’t know what to make of her: She dresses like a man, might be local Indian, but all the locals know for certain is that they don’t like her much. She comes upon the saloon, wanting nothing more than a room and a bottle. But she catches the attention of Stonewall and members of Jackson’s men who followher to her room. That was their first mistake.


She easily lays waste to two of them and Stonewall high-tails it straight to Jackson, informing him and Mayor Carson of this new threat to their plans. That night The Stranger visits the Chinese Settlers who’ve made their home on a small stretch of land next to Holsum, referred to in a demeaning way as Yellow Hill. She sees the injustice brought upon her people and the ice surrounding her heart begins to thaw. It’s at this point that the mysterious companion fromher youth reenters her life. The question is will he fight along side her, or against her.


Jackson sends his best men to rid himself of The Stranger once and for all. They confront her in her room but even with odds of five-to-one they’re still no match for her skills. After Jackson’s men fail spectacularly The Stranger uncovers the reasons for the horrors inflicted upon the Chinese settlers. They’ve found that there is still gold in Holsum and have concealed it from Mayor Carson. The settlers are melting the gold and hiding it in plain sight. Jackson stages one last deadly raid upon the immigrants. Men die, Yellow Hill burns and The Stranger is wounded and captured. All of which leads to the final confrontation between The Stranger and Jackson. Who will be left standing and who leaves town, boots first?


Yellow Hill is a fast-paced western loaded with action and iconic characters. It’s a story of greed, where people survive by any means necessary. It’s an homage to the films of Sergio Leone, yet with a modern twist.


Yellow Hill is being produced by Bai Ling, Ross Bigley & Glen Popple.


All materials script/photos are owned and copyrighted by Yellow Hill Investments LLC.


Script by Ross Bigley. All characters created by Ross Bigley





Yellow Hill is in very early stages of pre-production. We are proud to announce that Tom Muschitz who did the score for Yellow Hill: The Stranger's Tale will do the score for the feature.


And that KenKo will do the opening credit sequence for the film.


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Writer and Director

Ross Bigley



Bai Ling

Ross Bigley

Glen Popple


The Stranger, 
Bai Ling

No Name,


Mayor Carson,


Arch Stanton,

Bill Carson,

Venus, Cyn Dulay

Clyde Travis,

Lefty, Robert W.C. Kennedy

Lucas Carson,

Beuregard Carson,

McBain, Dan Katula

Lester Hmes,

Bo Cunningham,

Jesse Orr,



The Bartender,

The Widow, Mary Morales

Annie the Madam, Naomi Leonard

Henry Bonner,





Lan Loung,

Lan Long's wife

Lee Sau Yin,

Li Lian Ji,

No Name's son,

Son's wife,

Ching Lan,


Brothel Owner,

Stranger's Father,