Lady Luck


In this visit back to the wold of Petty Cash, Exotic dancer Henrietta Allen is a lonely lost soul. Finding herself involved in one disastrous relationship after another, she's unsure of what she wants, and solves her problems best by running from them. At work, she's forced to privately entertain for the sleazy Jimmy Creece, her employer who exhibits an unhealthy and bizarre fascination with her.


Learning that Jimmy has been laundering money for the mob, Henrietta enlists the help of her best friend coco to rip Jimmy off. But in doing so, she also discovers how enemies become allies, friends become foes, and the mob doesn't take kindly to treachery. Descending deeper into her predicament, Henrietta relies on wit and instinct to dig herself out from the hole she's put herself in. And along the way, she discovers that running from her problems could prove more deadly than facing them.





Lady Luck was written in 2001, nine years before Petty Cash was filmed, but shelved when there wasn't money to shoot it.  In 2010, when writer Ross Bigley was looking for a subject to film he thought again of  Lady Luck, but he only used a few characters to fashion a different tale, one that could serve as a back story for Jimmy Creece.


Writer and Director

Ross Bigley



Glen Popple


Expected to return:

Bai Ling as Coco 

Robert W.C. Kennedy as Jimmy