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Interview with John Van Slyke



What was it about the script or director that made you want to do the movie?

I liked the genre elements of the script along with the characters, but it was a bit confusing to me, with the couple of "dream" sequences and flash-forwards and flashbacks. But, I've worked with Ross enough to know he could make it work.

What was your approach to the role?

Being as spiritually heavy as I possible could. This guy is two steps from being dead the entire movie.

What was the experience of the shoot like?

Many scenes were scheduled and rescheduled because of actors having other projects. That was tough because originally I signed on because it's production was to end in May. I had a play lined up to begin rehearsal at that time so it was perfect. But SLACKTIME'S production went well into July. That's what no budget filming is. You might not shoot as many days as a studio or even an independent film, but the schedule drags on. It can be a little edgy. But it's all for art. Right?

How did you like working with the other actors? Did you learn anything?

Jelani's a natural. He was great to work with. I've worked with Robert for years and I always learn something from him. Even if it's how to correctly page through a Playboy, I always learn something. Hey, they were Charlize Theron pics. Flipping through the layout needs finesse. The parings of actors worked well. Especially satisfying because, in most cases, we had an inexperienced or newer actor with an experienced actor. Personalities meshed.

What was the most memorable or challenging part of the production?

Wrestling with Patrick and having the gun fall apart in our hands was a memorable moment. There was one particular day of shooting that was memorable for all involved but we best let more time pass before we talk about it in a public setting. The apartment scenes we shot in the evening were the toughest. We were all tired, cranky, giddy. And we heard, "one more thing," for about an hour.

How do you think it turned out? Will people like it?

I'm very pleased with it. The feedback I've heard has been very positive. This might be a coincidence but since it aired, I'll have people on the street give me a double or triple take, like they've seen me before. Someday, I'll take the opportunity to ask, "Excuse me, but do you have cable


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