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Alex Falk


Alex Falk is a special effects artist focusing on sci-fi/fantasy/horror makeup, including casting, molding, airbrushing and body painting. He got his start in the creative business when he was very young by entering costume contests, building Halloween props, and finding inspired new ways of scaring his parents. 

Soon he began making the transition from casual artist to commercial artist. He has always had a passion for film, and strived to find special effect work in the film industry. Now Alex has multiple feature length movies, short films, TV shows and music videos gracing his resume, and his skills are sought after by professionals from independent local directors to the AMC network. Other projects under his belt include Cosplay conventions, two haunted Halloween attractions, and appearing in local news coverage of his special effects. His drive to produce realistic and practical effects in lieu of Computer Generated Images or other incorporeal effects is the foundation on which he has built his career. 

Alex also possesses many other talents: poster & set designer, promotions manager, and master of the Jedi arts.