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Art by Whitney Salgado visit her website here:


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Stephen Milek

Christopher House

Award given Opening Night

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The Bouquet Directed by Allen & Smithee

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Roar Directed by Carter Green

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In America: Red, White & Blood Directed by James Roufus

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In The Magical Forest of Wonder Directed by Jayce Kolinski

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The Coldest Game Directed by Emmanuil Morari and Jordan Larson 


Recycle Directed by Spencer Ortega

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Black Ring Directed by Hasan Can Dagli

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Do You Love Me? Directed by Michael Viers

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The Log Directed by Teemu Nikki

2017 Festival Film

Black Ring

A group of people organizes an event in an abandoned mansion.

Art by Whitney Salgado visit her website here:

Don't Cry Papa Directed by Danny Villanueva Jr

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Every Black Boy Wants To Be Loved Directed by  Micah Martin

Every Moment Directed by Francisco C. Torres

Midwest Problems Directed by Klifford Barkus

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Till Death Do Us Part Directed by Immanuel Baldwin


Twenty Segregation Street Directed by Ken Lawrence

Natural Horror Directed by Ricardo Tenorio

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Hard Life Directed by Ken Lawrence

The Homecoming Directed by Paulina Bugembe


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NeoFerals - The Gathering Directed by Vito Valenti 


The Art and Dreams of D.J. Sheskin Directed by Emily Sheskin

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Motivated Directed by  Craig Knitt


Rule of Threes Directed by T.L. Quach


The Woodsman Directed by Zachary Krueger

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Home Invasion Directed by Ben Mead


Sleep Aid Directed by Brian Klewin

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A Woman Apart Directed by Mary K Omelina


Selva Obscura Directed by Elizabeth Wadium

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All The World's a Stage Directed by  Hannes Rall 


Woman Directed by Shari Berman

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Gardening At Night Directed by Shayna Connelly

watch trailer here:

2017 Festival Film

Rule of Threes

Haunted by the murder of their leader in this post-apocalyptic world, the remaining three friends struggle to maintain enough resources to survive.

2017 Festival Film

We All Bleed Red

We All Bleed Red is a documentary about the Sikh Temple shooting in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.

August 5th 2012 , A shooter shot and killed six members of the Sikh community. This documentary has the stories of the people from that day

Dead Man's Carnival: A Conversation With Pinkerton Xyloma 

Directed by Casey T. Malone

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Reclaimer Directed by  Parker Gayan

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Kat the Baker Directed by Hannah Raye White

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We All Bleed Red Directed by Jacob Young


Chrome N Star Directed by Isaiah Malnory-Brown and Alexander Walter Smith

A Whole World For A Little World Directed by Fabrice Bracq

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Ornament of Beauty Directed by Andy Fortenbacher

more on the film here:

"SUDDEN TITLE APPEARS ONSCREEN" Directed by Wil Loper & Dustin Hardy


Pinhole Directed by Elliot Hatch

watch film here:

@Me Directed by Kristin Peterson

watch film here:

Unbuttoned Directed by T.C. De Witt

watch film here::


Ten More Directed by Brad Riddell

watch the film here:

A Hard World For Little Things Directed by Sonja Bertucci


A Fish Story Directed by Carrie Finklea

watch film here:


Strings Attached Directed by Katie Theel

watch film here:

Comedians Directed by Johanna Nyberg

Inside Out Directed by  Vonnie Quest

Mrs. Drake Directed by Caitlin FitzGerald

watch trailer here:

Flambé Directed by Moriah Bame


Awards handed out at the close of the festival.

2017 Festival Film


Eva performs a stand-up gig and her intention is far from pleasing the audience.

2017 Best Wisconsin Film


The wife of a promiscuous chef reminisces on the good parts of their marriage.

2017 Winners

2017 Sponsors

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