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9th​​ MKE Short Film Festival


Saturday, June 9th 2007​ (Ages 16 & up)

Location: The Astor Theatre 7pm


Special Free Milwaukee Premiere of this unique feature film:



The son of a famous physicist attempts to live up to his father's legacy while trying to impress the girl of his dreams. Art and science collide in this bold reality-bending experiment in which each of the seven chapters of the singular story were independently designed an directed by a different filmmaker and feature different actors playing the same roles throughout. Brought to you courtesy of writers Timothy Cooper, Samir Salem, Eric Anderson, Susan Hubbard, Michael Fry, Alexander Rojas, Sean Jourdan and filmmakers Kenneth Yoder, Samir Salem, Chris Tzoubris, Dave Belden, Juan Castaneda, Scott Smith, Michael T. Vollman and Sean Jourdan.



"Exhilirating. A beautiful collision of aesthetics." -Film Monthly


Learn more about the film here:



Sunday June 10th 2007

Juried Films


The Furry Revolt ( WI)

by Jessica Bayliss

This is the story of Lou Lou Mae who's acts of torturing animals leads to her downfall.

Jessica just graduated from MIAD with her MFA and is now teaching animation for Kalamazoo Valley Community College.


watch the film:




Snare (Los Angeles)

by Eric Gerber

An artist tries to disrupt the destruction of nature in his own way.

Eric Gerber was awarded the grand prize in 2004 for his film "Aldara", he currently lives in Los Angeles where he continues to make his short films.

film's IMDb page:




A Noteworthy Occurrence (CO)

by Andrew Gingrich & Matt Kane

A compulsive note writer is faced with a serious dilemma when he discovers that he has run out of ink.


Andrew and Matt are film students at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Neither has been convicted of a felony in the state of Wisconsin



Moviebonics (MKE)

by Lance Miller & Donald P. Unverrich

See the bizarre rituals of the cinema obsessed! See helpless evangelists caught in a web of language! "What we got here is a failure to communicate."


Don is a successful freelance editor. Lance is not

film's IMDb page:



Cigar at the Beach (CA)

by Stephen Keep Mills

A married man filters the demands of domestic life through fantasy. High-octane bikinis! A gypsy siren! Adventure on the high seas- until the wave washes everything clean.


Stephen graduated from Yale drama school in 1969. This film has won "Best Film North America" at the Syracuse Int.l Film and Video Festival, the "Audience Award" at Filmstock and "Best Photography" at the Naoussa Int.l Short Film and Video Festival. This film has been screened in over 20 countries, 100 festivals and won 26 awards.

visit the website:



A Boy Named Gil (WI)

by Corryn Cue

In this fantasy dreamscape, Gil wanders through an empty city. As half man and half fish he is lost and alone, and desperate for an escape from the urban night.


Corryn Cue is a native of Madison. He has studied in Madison, Chicago and Milwaukee. He currently graduated from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design.


Corporate Conflict (WI)

by David R. Overbeck

As we know, office combat can happen at anytime and anywhere. Your life could be at risk. A must see for anyone who works in an office. David R. Overbeck is a local video producer and editor.


View David's work:



Sweet Dreams (NY)

by Irin Evers

What if your dreams slid away?


Irin has made two other films that have shown at other festivals. Two Play (2005) and The Program (2004).

visit the website:



Ruby (MKE)

by Adam Presti

A young girl walks into a "loo". . .

Adam Presti is a recent UWM film department graduate, he is pursing opportunities in film making.



Succubus (Toronto)

by Alison Reid

It seems impossible for Athena and Lilith to have a baby together- a genetic combination of them both. A scientific method fails and Lilith takes matters into her own hands.


Alison makes her living as a stunt coordinator and stunt performer, some of her credits include "Saw 3", "The Dark Hours", and "Blues Brother 2000". Succubus is her directorial debut.

view website:



Linger (MKE)

by Chantel Harpole

After accidentally running into her ex lover, a young woman returns to their old meeting place and becomes consumed with memories, both good and bad.


Chantel Harpole is a local actress, this is her first film as director. The first in a series of short films produced by Dirty Job Films, designed to be shot quickly and to give local talent more exposure.



Kitchen Kung Fu (WI)

by Karen Lindholm-Rynkiewcz

The eternal battle between mothers and sons is played out with a muddy floor, a baseball mitt and brownies.


Karen is a high School teacher by day and an award winning filmmaker and screenwriter by nights and weekends and any other spare time.

Karen's IMDb page:



The Image (MKE)

by Charles McGuire

A photographer is haunted by ghostly images.

A graduate of UW Milwaukee film department and has held a variety of video producing jobs, including corporate, medical and ad agency work in Seattle, Minneapolis and Milwaukee.


She Never Screams (MKE)

by Jeff Fitzsimmons

A lack of emotional connection leads a lonely man to extreme measures. 


Jeff worked in the film industry in Dallas and Seattle for over 15 years. He has produced and directed three award winning short films as well as assistant directing the feature film, "Nowheresville," which was sold to Showtime. Jeff also wrote 23 episodes of the Emmy award winning children's TV show "How 'Bout That. Jeff is currently preparing to launch an entertainment community on the web.

film''s IMDb page:



Agnieszka 2039 (London)

by Martin Gauvreau

Joy and pain go hand in hand when an angelic being is delivered the box of eternity and subjected to the fateful decision of the gods.  Agnieszka 2039 is the first film Martin made (not counting the disastrous high school experiments with my parents camera). Before starting making films he worked as an illustrator and fx supervisor in Texas, Spain and London


the IMDb page:




Artificial (Los Angeles)

by Michael T. Vollmann

Since losing her leg in an accident, Mary Hopewell has given up on faith. But when a Bible salesman calls on her and her mother, she stumbles towards a chance to redeem her self worth and her belief in God.  Michael T Vollman graduated from UWM with a BFA in film. He currently resides in Los Angeles working as an Assistant Editor. He's currently at work on his next short film.


The Best of: 4PM Sunday, June 10th 2007 

Location: Times Cinema


The Phantom Limb

by Mark GE

screened in the 1st festival back in 94


Take a Chance

by Michael John Moynihan

screened at 4th festival in 2003


Gaucher (Lefty)

by Jeff Fitzsimmons

Winner Best Film in the fifth Milwaukee Short Film Festival. 2003



By Dan Wilson

Screened in the 6th Milwaukee Short Film Festival. 2004



by Eric Gerber

Winner Best Film in the 6th Milwaukee Short Film Festival. 2004


Android 207

by Paul Whittington

Screened in the 8th Milwaukee Short Film Festival. 2006


The Egg

by Craig A. Knitt

Screened in the 8th Milwaukee Short Film Festival. 2006



by Malona P. Voigt

Winner Best Film in the 8th Milwaukee Short Film Festival. 2006

Local Showcase
Ross Bigley began doing a series of short films helping local actors and talent gain more experience and exposure in film making. The following are selected films from that endeavor.



by Ross Bigley


Happiness Is A Long Shot

produced by Michael John Moynihan


Give Until It Hurts

by James Fletcher

Festival Winners:

The following films were selected as winners from the 2007 Milwaukee Short Film Festival.

Best Film: 

Moviebonics by Lance Miller and Donald P. Unverrich

Honorary Mention: 

Succubus by Alison Reid

Best Milwaukee Film: 

She Never Screams by Jeff Fitzsimmons

Audience Favorite: 

Artificial by Michael T. Vollmann

Best Director: 

Stephen Keep Mills (A Cigar At The Beach)

Best Actor: 

Jocelyn Ridgely (Artificial)

Best Ensemble: 

Angela Vint, Megan Falenbock and Stefen Brogren (Succubus)

Artistic Achievement: 

The Furry Revolt by Jessica Bayliss

Artistic Achievement in Visual Design:

Agnieszka, a Dark Symphony of 2039


Once again, the Milwaukee Short Film Festival congratulates it's winner, and we would also like to thank our sponsors, those who have submitted to our festival these past 9 years and the audience who come to our event each year.




Pizza Shuttle

Sprecher Brewery

Korporate Media

Disc Man


Boardgame Barrister

Beans and Barley

Art Bar

H W Schwartz Books

Press link:

​​2007 Audience Favorite



A short film by Michael T. Vollmann. Featuring Jocelyn Ridgely, Chris Klopatek, Flora Coker. A Bible salesman calls on a woman and her atheist daughter. An adaptation of a short story by Flannery O'Connor. "Audience Favorite" and "Best Actor" at The Milwaukee Short Film Festival - 2007

​​2007 Best Actor



A short film by Michael T. Vollmann. Featuring Jocelyn Ridgely, 

​​2007 Best Milwaukee Film

She Never Screams


A short film by Jeff Fitzsimmons. 

2007 Festival Film
A short film directed by Chantel Harpole. 

2007 Best Film
Moviebonics concerns a couple so enamored with cinema that they only speak in famous film quotations.

2007 Festival Film
Cigar at the Beach

A married man filters the demands of domestic life through fantasy. High-octane bikinis! A gypsy siren! Adventure on the high seas- until the wave washes everything clean.. 

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