Lubar Auditorim
Milwaukee Art Museum

12th​​ MKE Short Film Festival



Award given Opening Night

Session 1:  Friday 10/29 5pm

Crossing the Lake
Directed by: Jerry LaBuy (MKE) 25 min  

After years of making excuses and putting his life on-hold, grocery store clerk Patrick Turkel decides to stop living in his own head and act on a rather elaborate, and very dangerous, childhood dream.

The Violinist

Directed by: Carlo Besasie (MKE) 20 min 

When a charming, world famous concert violinist comes to town for a concert series, a lonely bag boy attempts to impersonate him in an attempt to improve his love life. 


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I Am A Fat Cat  (MKE Premiere)
Directed by: Alex Brook Lynn (N.Y.) 20 min 

These are the fat cats, lost people dreaming big about the wrong things.


official website:


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The Line (MKE Premiere)
Directed by: Joe Petrilla  (N.Y.) 09 min 

The Line is a film about growing up and growing old. A man on the verge of suicide and a boy with a violent imagination meet at the center of a long bridge. There, each may find fulfillment, or at least some new understanding of what lies ahead.

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The Line
The Line
Crossing The Line
Crossing The Line
The Violinist
The Violinist
I Am A Fat Cat
I Am A Fat Cat

​​2010 Festival Film

I Am A Fat Cat


These are the fat cats, lost people dreaming big about the wrong things. Directed by Alex Brook Lynn.

​​2010 Festival Film

The Line


 A man on the verge of suicide and a boy with a violent imagination meet at the center of a long bridge. There, each may find fulfillment, or at least some new understanding of what lies ahead. Directed by Joe Petrilla. Starring James Rebhorn.

Blue Lines
Blue Lines
Gold Digger
Gold Digger

​​2010 Festival Film

Blue Lines


Embattled Milwaukee Police Officer Tommie Maloteck  is assigned to protect Jimmy Shaw, an innocent teenage boy who witnessed a heinous crime committed by corrupt narcotics cops,

Session 2:  Friday 10/29 7pm  OPENING NIGHT EVENT!

Blue Lines 

Directed by Donald Arthur Ford (MKE) 23 min

Embattled Milwaukee Police Officer Tommie Maloteck (Tom Lodewyck) is assigned to protect Jimmy Shaw (Ty Sutherland), an innocent teenage boy who witnessed a heinous crime committed by corrupt narcotics cops, Detective Paul Wiley (Kevin Croak) and his partner Greg Baker (Gary Kriesel). The three cops are linked by a dark secret in their past. Tommie wrestles with his inner demons while Wiley and his team close in to snuff out the innocent boy. Tommie must decide between the boy he is assigned to protect or his history and the loyalty to the unwritten code among Cops.



Mozambique (MKE Premiere)
Directed by: Alcides Soares (U S A /Mozambique)14 min 
Alcides Soares is a sixteen-year-old AIDS orphan, one of half a million living in Mozambique today. An American television writer (Neal Baer) and movie director (Chris Zalla) gave Alcides a movie camera and taught him how to shoot. The result is a moving chronicle directed by ...Alcides himself. His journey...

Alcides Soares was seventeen years old when he directed "Mozambique." He was chosen by American TV writer and executive producer, Neal Baer (ER, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit) and director Christopher Zalla (Sundance award winning "Padre Neustros") to make a film about his life as an AIDS orphan, searching to find a family after his parents have died. Alcides lives in Maputo, Mozambique and is finishing high school. He plans to study filmmaking and architecture in college.


Gold Digger (MKE Premiere)
Directed by: Karen Lindholm-Rynkiewicz (MKE) 18 min

Five sisters travel by train to visit their father to convince him not to remarry. 



Indefinite (MKE Premiere)
Directed by Jason Williams & Christopher Kuiper (MKE) 20 min 

A battle over mysterious orange vials between Jonas (Joe Fransee) and Otto (R. Michael Gull) with his crew. Caught in-between is Jonas' girlfriend Amber (Emily Margaret Heitzer) whom pays a brutal price for his actions. Out of the melee a new contender rises, the "Man in the Mask", to battle for the power of the vials. Otto must regain the vials to protect himself before the evil J-Corp empire finds him.



Pesticide (MKE Premiere)
Directed by: Eric Gerber (L.A.) 05 min

One man explores a new method of pest control...


Step - Ja-Can. (MKE Premiere)

Directed by Shalyse Dominique

Music video to the song Step by Ja-Can. 




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Session 4:  Saturday 10/30 1pm

Korporate-Media 90mins 

A special event featuring the work of local filmmakers who create satires on corporate videos.


Session 5:  Saturday 10/30 3pm

The Con Job (MKE Premiere)
Directed by: Craig Knitt (WI) 04 min
A thirsty man cons two little girls out of their lemonade.


The Death Of Toys (MKE Premiere)
Directed by: Lisa Gold (CA) 12 min

Ten year-old SETH wants to give up his toys, but his work-numbed mother LILY needs the spark of their playtime more than he does. Her insistence that he keep the toys leads to some unexpected places

This Way Up (MKE Premiere)
Directed by: Kevin Grimon (IL) 04 min 

Young Jimmy Apollo uses his imagination and a cardboard box to gain his Father's attention ultimately bringing the family closer together.

Cesar's World (MKE Premiere)
Directed by: Mark Sanders (Canada) 09 min
Cesar has a very innocent crush on his teacher, who in turn has a very adult interest in The Principal; proving again that love can be a complex mystical abstraction.

Mashed (MKE Premiere)
Directed by: Adam Fisher (USA) 09 min
A young boy who doesn't want to eat his veggies.  As he ponders his fate of being doomed to sit at the table and miss his favorite television program, the vegetables come to life, tie him up, and threaten to eat him instead.  The boy is shot in Live-action HD, the veggies are stopmotion, and Captain Harvey (from the tv program, who arrives on the scene to help) is computer generated. 

This Way Up
This Way Up
The Death Of Toys
The Death Of Toys
In Pieces
In Pieces
The Bully
The Bully
Awaiting Her
Awaiting Her
Crow's Feet
Crow's Feet
Plane. Red. Love.
Plane. Red. Love.

​​2010 Festival Film

The Bully

THE BULLY is a rich journey into the ubiquitous

complications of a child’s formative years.

​2010 Festival Film

Awaiting Her

A day in the life of a shoe shine boy, an international economist and a sex worker.


Session 6:  Saturday 10/30 5pm

Awaiting Her (MKE Premiere) 
Directed by: James Joint  (Honduras) 15 min 

AWAITING HER, takes us through a day in the life of a shoe shine boy, an international economist and a sex worker. It is about women. The ones out there, or lack of. The ones inside us, or lack of. In this world of men, we are still awaiting her...

Directed by: Evan Atwood  (WI) 04 min
When his daughter goes missing, not even the law will help him find her.

Spare (MKE Premiere)  
Directed by: Tomer Almagor (L.A.) 09 min

When Frank's flimsy plan to whack Leo is tampered by a flat tire and Leo flees the scene, the two gangsters embark on a chase deep into the woods where they experience unforeseen intimacy...


official website:


Freeborn (MKE Premiere)
Directed by: Carlo Treviso (IL) 06 min  

Fifty years after the first rover landings, mankind spreads upon Mars in waves. Peace and unity between the two planets is short lived as Earth begins taxing imported goods, services, and natural resources on the Martian colonies. As civil unrest leads to the beginnings of an interplanetary revolution, a compassionate DC government agent finds herself torn between her allegiance to Earth and an impending Mars invasion.


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On the Trail of a Black Sheep
Directed by: Geneviere Davis (MKE) 12 min
One woman's clash with an intolerant society, and slow crash and burn in crime. An abandoned young single mother's saga which begins in the Chicago crime underworld of bootlegging and prostitution in the teens and twenties, and ends in her death under suspicious circumstances in her own brothel in the no mans land of northern Wisconsin

In Pieces
Directed by Julie Wolterstorff (MKE) 05 min

Sound by Wylie Hefti and Julie Wolterstorff

A display of rage and fierce contention. Blazing, loud, beautiful, fiery, glowing and...in pieces.

Beziehungsphasen (MKE Premiere)
Directed by: Brenda Hilbig (Germany) 04 min
A student, who lives in a room on campus, is expecting a female friend he likes a lot. She also likes him and they get together. Then they move together into a bigger apartment. Day to day life takes over the madly-in-love-phase. Then they go in for a career and move into an even bigger apartment with a bigger kitchen. Now they don't talk any more. They only write notes. In the last scene she has written him a note that she is leaving him. He is sad, how had it come to this? He remembers the good times and is thinking about what it was he REALLY wanted from life.


Crow's Feet (MKE Premiere) 
Directed by: Megan Palinkas (Australia) 08 min  

When an old man disposes of a bothersome crow in the backyard, he could never dream to predict the consequence that follows.

Plane. Red. Love. (MKE Premiere)
Directed by: Jesse Borkowski (ME) 06 min 

Against reason this is me fighting for Your insecurities. Your imperfections. Your Failures. To remind you that perfection is boring. That variation makes us who we are.' 'Plane. Red. Love.' is an anamorphic Super8mm film that explores the interrelationship between visual, auditory, and symbolic language.


The Bully (MKE Premiere)
Co-written and produced by Matthew Konkel and Directed by Derek Kimball  (MKE) 26 min

The Bully is a rich journey into the ubiquitous complications of a child’s formative years. In an effort to win the favor of the popular girl, ten-year-olds Kelly (Henry Shotwell) and Sam (Richard Heim), plot to take out the school bully, Noah Marns (Alex Losi). This simple charge brings Kelly and Sam face to face with a much greater element, insurmountable and unexpected. (Some scenes and situations may not be suitable for children under 13.)


Session 7: Sat 10/30   7pm   JURIED FILMS.

Lights (MKE Premiere)
Directed by: Giulio Ricciarelli (Germany) 14 min
As his peaceful village offers no opportunity for heroism, he decides to take matters in his own hands. He puts up a traffic light on a rarely - used bridge in the middle of
nowhere - and the fight begins.

Honey-Colored Boy
Directed by: Fran Kaplan  (MKE) 09 min

An incident at her condo's swimming pool tests a disabled woman's friendship, principles, self-image, and family ties. A true story.

Til My Voice Is Gone (MKE Premiere)
Directed by: Sam Griffith  (L.A.) 06 min

A man and a woman fall in love at a nursing home. Set to the music of The Old Ceremony's 'Til My Voice is Gone,' this music video shows that love is timeless, and can happen when you least expect it. (with Ed Asner)

After Dinner (MKE Premiere)
Directed by: Jason Mayland  (L.A.) 05 min
A group of friends come up short on the dinner bill. WAY short.

In That Moment (MKE Premiere)
Directed by: Shripriya Mahesh (N.Y.) 05 min 

A  living statue and a park visitor share a moment of intimacy in the heart of New York's Central Park.


Rodents (MKE Premiere)
Directed by Kyle Richards (IL) 09 min 

A young man's philosophy of life comes back to haunt him. 


Leka med Dockor (MKE Premiere)
Directed by: Hans Montelius (Sweden) 12 min

A woman plays with dolls because her boyfriend wants her to. But the game takes a serious turn.

The Life & Times of Frederick Caesar
Directed by: Tate Bunker (MKE) 5 min 

The winning video from the Mad March Mini Music Festival

watch film here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjagIe2UqZs



Super Cool Bowling Awesome Trick Shots 
Directed by: Jack Packard (MKE) 2 min
Some guys make basketball trick shot videos but the real bad asses make super cool awesome bowling trick videos.

Butterflies Do Not Drink Coffee 

(MKE Premiere)
Un café pour l'Amérique (original title)

Directed by: Jossy Mayor (Luxembourg/Belgium) 20 min
Pierre is a very shy man in his sixties, with no family or friends and who just retired. What will he do now?


watch film here, no subtitles:


Pesticide (MKE Premiere)
Directed by: Eric Gerber (L.A.) 05 min

One man explores a new method of pest

control. . . 

Butterflies Do Not Drink Coffee
Butterflies Do Not Drink Coffee
The Life & Times of Frederick Caesar
The Life & Times of Frederick Caesar
Honey-Colored Boy
Honey-Colored Boy
In That Moment
In That Moment
Til My Voice Is Gone
Til My Voice Is Gone
FINAL petty cash poster(wo)RESIZED 300.j

Session 6:  MIFS PREMIERE: 9:15


Produced by Reign Supreme Entertainment and

Dirty Job Films.


Special apperance by Bai Ling.

"In a world where everyone has secrets, who can you trust? Petty Cash is a non-stop thrill ride with characters that leap off the screen. When debts are due, there's no where to hide and somebody's going to pay. A low level bag man, his wife, his brother, a stripper, the strip club owner, a junkie whore, a psychopathic mute, a crime boss, and others, all collide in a final dance of death over money and survival.

Starring: Bai Ling, Cyn Dulay, Robert WC Kennedy, Edy Cullen, Nathaniel Ross and Joshua Parkes.

Produced by Janet K. Beasley, Shalyse Dominique, Craig McCarthy, Timothy J. Lonsdale and Ross Bigley

Writer and Director: Ross Bigley

2010 Sponsors


Winning Films

Best Film:
Leka Med Dockor 
Directed by: Hans Montelius


Honorary Mention (2nd Place):
Un Café Pour l'Amérique 
Directed by: Jossy Mayor 

Best Wisconsin Film:
Honey-Colored Boy
Directed by: Fran Kaplan


Best Director:
Giulio Ricciarelli


Best Actor:
Alexandra Chalupa 

(Leka Med Docktor) 

Best Ensemble:

Audience Favorite:


2010 Judges

Annemarie Sawkins is associate curator at the Haggerty Museum of Art at Marquette University where she also teaches art history. A frequent juror and portfolio reviewer, Annemarie has had fun being a foreign voice in a couple Milwaukee shorts and is looking forward to reviewing this years films.

David Streit has a BA in dramatic literature from Lawrence University, Streit was in the first class of MFA candidates at NYU Film School. Professionally, he started as a cinematographer, becoming an operator in camera local 644, working also as an assistant director and location manager. As producer, he began in New York in independent features.

His first line producing was on ROCKERS. Shot entirely on location in Jamaica, it played at the Cannes Film Festival in 1978. Soon thereafter, and based in Los Angeles, he began alternating between UPM on larger features and Line Producing independents. Significant production and producing credits include: ALAMBRISTA! (Associate Producer); THE PROWLER, (Executive Producer); HANDGUN, (Producer); PARIS, TEXAS, (Production Manager); YURI NOSENKO, KGB, (Associate Producer); THE RIVER'S EDGE (Co-Producer/UPM); PASS THE AMMO, (Executive Producer); FIRES WITHIN, (Associate Producer); INTERNAL AFFAIRS (Co-Producer); DEEP COVER (Line Producer); THE MARRYING MAN (Executive Producer);HEAR NO EVIL (UPM); CAMP NOWHERE,(UPM/Associate Producer); SPECIES Executive Producer/UPM); STEAL BIG, STEAL LITTLE (UPM); THE BEAUTICIAN AND THE BEAST, (UPM); JURASSIC PARK III (UPM).

Shalyse Dominique is a respected Milwaukee film producer with Reign Supreme Entertainment. She's produced the films How High, Hack, Photo Agency International, Modus Operandi and Petty Cash. Shalyse also does music under the name Kohe.


Cyn Dulay is Founder and President of Stormynight, LLC. Established in September 2009. Dulay has 15 years business management and 6 years as an independent film producer.

Stormynight is a multimedia entertainment company that specializes in independent motion pictures. Stormynight is involved in all facets of film production from conception, development, production and financing of independent film and television productions. Stormynight’s main goal is to make commercially viable films that combine established and emerging talents in the industry.

Dulay spent the last 6 years acting in a total of 27 independent and studio films. In 2004, she took on the role of film producer. To date, Dulay has produced, executive produced and financed 17 feature length films, 3 television pilots, and 3 independent shorts. Several films have received distribution deals through Warner Bros., Finnkino, and Triumphant Pictures. In 2008, she co-produced with writer/producer Cathy Rubey of Irish Peanut Productions and director Stephen Polk of Providence Productions (Pirate Camp, Black Dahlia) on a drama feature film titled, “Baggage” (Cheryl Ladd, Barry Bostwick) receiving worldwide distribution and currently in film festival circuit and will premiere on the Lifetime Channel this November.

In September 2009, Stormynight has partnered with Penny Road Pictures (The Insatiable) and Sweet Pea Productions who brought in Writer/Director Omar McClinton (The Dark Knight, Frailty, Scary Movie 2, Witless Protection, Ugly Betty, Xena The Warrior Princess) to launch a 3D Animated Feature Film “Stork”, starring Ed Asner (UP, Elf, Mary Tyler Moore Show). Stork casts members also include, Tim Kazurinsky (Saturday Night Live), Joyce De Witt (Three‘s Company), Brian Bloom (The A-Team, CSI), Kim Fields (The Facts Of Life, Different Strokes), and Larry Thomas (Seinfeld‘s Soup Nazi, Austin Powers, Postal). Not only does Stork Productions have an award winning casts, but also an award winning visual effects company, Pixel Magic (Good Luck Chuck, Rush Hour 3, 300, Blood Diamond, Elektra) and award winning art department, Heroic Age Studios ( Lucas’ Film Darth Vader, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, DC Comic‘s Batman, Marvel Comic’s Spider-man, and Hanna Barbera’s Scooby-Doo).

Timothy Lonsdale grew up in Manitowoc, writer/director Timothy Lonsdale considers himself a Wisconsin native. After three years as a radio communications sergeant with the U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Beret), he received a B.A. and a B.S. from the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Three years in Dallas lead to an M.F.A. in Theatre (Acting) from Southern Methodist University, work in the Dallas TV series, the Shakespeare Festival of Dallas, as well as radio and TV commercials and a Midwest tour playing Dickinson in 1776.

After moving to New York, Lonsdale was accepted into the Directors Guild of America Training Program. A member of the DGA for 25 years, he has worked as an Assistant Director for scores of directors including Martin Scorsese, Barry Sonnenfeld, M. Night Shyamalan and several Emmy/DGA Award winners. He has directed for Charmed (Aaron Spelling and Warner Bros.) and is attached to direct a feature screenplay that he has written.

Significant production credits as an Assistant Director include: Hudson Hawk, Lost in Yonkers, Species, Charmed, Ghost Whisperer, The District, Eli Stone, Pushing Daisies, and most recently, four seasons on My Boys for Sony/TBS. And Comedy Centrals's upcoming Kroc.