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The Milwaukee Short Film Festival was modestly formed in 1994 by Ross Bigley as a means to give area filmmakers a venue and an audience for their work. Only four films were submitted and all four were shown on the local public access station, MATA 14.


The festival was not an annual event in the begining, the next two happened periodically over the next six years with Ross becoming too busy with his own projects to continue on. So in 1999 he put the idea to rest.


In the fall of 2002 while prepping a feature film Ross was approached with the idea of bringing back the festival. With his new LLC, Old Skool Productions, he began efforts to bring back the festival and to fund it himself.


The records for the first three festival were destroyed when our storage locker flooded. Going on memory, the first festival featured work by Chris Marks, Mark G.E. (The Phantom Limb) and Ross Bigley (Deadmen).


Please follow the sub pages for complete details on every festival from 2003 on.



We held two festivals in 2003. One in June, the other in November. Records for the June festival are incomplete.

 Bean Head Cafe
1835 N Martin Luther King  


Every Waking Hour

by Andrew Rosas


A Cheese Box In Milwaukee 

by Daniel Day


Frozen Moment

by Eric Gerber


Take A Chance

by Michael Moynihan


A Stranger's Place

by Jill Cothern


The Language Lesson

by Michael John Moynihan


East Saint Paul

by Andrew Rosas


Hell is Other People

by Lisa D. Gildehaus



4th Milwaukee Short Film Festival Winner:


Best Film:

A Cheese Box In Milwaukee

by Daniel Day



​​2003 Festival Film
Take A Chance


​​FOUNDLING PUPPETS Puppet Video by Michael John Moynihan, originally created for an International Art Festival in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, celebrating Scandinavian culture of Norway, Sweden, Denmark & Iceland. A comedy about gender preference and Sex reassignment surgery (SRS), gender reassignment surgery, aka sex-change operation


 Bean Head Cafe
1835 N Martin Luther King  

Friday Nov 21st, 2003



Forever Wonder (Whitefish Bay)

by Christopher Zahn

I produced this film at the point where I thought I had A.D.D. because I couldn't focus my mind. People in general process more than one thought at one instance and thats where this film generates from.


Broshennye (Milwaukee)

by Andrew Rosas

Since the fall of Communism in the Soviet Union, many Russian families have been left behind in the financial depression.The lack of social programs such as social security to provide care for the elderly has left this responsibility to their families. Many familes can scarcely support their families much less their elderly parents who need constant care, I visited one such hospital an hour north of St. Petersburg.


"OOOh. . .Doctor!" (Milwaukee)

by Mariko Ujihisa

A boy has an old obsession with his high school crush, and he confesses details of a recent stalking to his new doctor.


Solvay (Milwaukee)

by Eric Gerber

When everything is gone, all that's left are memories of Solvay.


The Optic Nerve (Milwaukee)

by Kyle Altadonna

no information given.


The Frightful Spider (Milwaukee)

by Tate Bunker

Based on the nursery rhyme of Miss Muffet. I wanted the film to be as close to dance as film could be.

watch film here:


Entanglements (Glendale)

by Ki -Seub Shin

An experimental essay about egoism in our lives, since a lot of big and small troubles all over the world between a person to person, or nation to nation, there is no reason for that.


Kevin Verosa (Milwaukee)

by Bradley Scott Sullivan

A young man with a tortured childhood and haunting memories does everything he can to prevent his hate from spreading even further.


That I Am (Milwaukee)

by Brian Lewis 

A young man is forced to deal with the insecurity brought on by the strained relationship with his mother.


Concupisence (Milwaukee)

by Sean Kafer

no information given

​​2003 Festival Film

Broshennye (Left Behind)


Since the fall of Communism in the Soviet Union, many Russian families have been left behind in the financial depression.The lack of social programs such as social security to provide care for the elderly has left this responsibility to their families.

Saturday Nov 22nd, 2003



Degrade (Milwaukee)

by Kookhee Choi

Experimental descriptions of an alley which we may encounter everyday life, getting clear and realistic from abstract images and sound..


Museum of Sleep (Milwaukee)

by Eric Gerber

This video explores the abandoned Milwaukee Solvay Coke Co. An industry developed in the late 1800's and was used primarily for coal manufacturing. It has since been forgotten.


Resistance (Chicago)

by Peter Dolan

Mir-No lives in the city, hiding from a fate she won't accept. Her sister, Kel-Er hunts Mir-No in a local nightclub.


The Dirty Job 2 (Milwaukee)

by Ross Bigley

The second in a series of 5 films. Special Agent Michelle of the DSI polices a hidden demon population living amoungst us. Her mission, to kill everyone, but not everyone will stay dead.


Homage to Ourselves (Milwaukee)

by Stacy Barton

An experimental documentary which conveys a man's connection to his past, his family members long gone.


Memory Process (Milwaukee)

by Adrian Quezaire

A man sits motionless as his mind races through the past, present and future.


Gaucher (AKA "Lefty:) (Milwaukee)

by Jeff Fitzsimmons

A dark comedy set in 1960's France. A pathetic man who has accomplished nothing in life wants desperately to address his shortcomings by forcing his children to succed where he could not, but he has no children, he only has a cat.


Dreams of America (Whitefish Bay)

by Christopher Zahn

I wanted to capture the hopes and dreams of the main character, Mariko Ujihisa. Since she was a little girl she had dreams of coming to America, but everyone would tell her to stop dreaming, but she didn't.


5th Milwaukee Short Film Winners


Best Film:

Gaucher by Jeff Fitzsimmons


Honorary Mention:

Dreams of America by Christopher Zahn


Honorary Mention (acting):

Mariko Ujihisa(Dreams of America)


​​2003 Best Film

Gaucher (Lefty)


A short film by Jeff Fitzsimmons. Patrice is a pathetic man who has accomplished nothing in his life. He wants desperately to correct his shortcomings by forcing his children to succeed where he could not. Unfortunately, he has no children - he has a cat.

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