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Art by Whitney Salgado visit her website here:

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2019 Festival Film

Charlie and the Empty Factories

Charlie never bought into that, The World is Ending crap ... was never afraid of it, but then it did end, he survived, and it sucks.

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Featuring performances from.

A Tone Bishop, Jessica Lyn, Kerric Stephens, & Adwoa Asentu.

Poster artist Whitney Salgado will sell her art as well. Hit the logo to go to her site!


Filmmaker Panel

In partnership with WELA (Wisconsin Entertainment Lawyers Association), panelists Robert Arthur, Bryan Kroes and Peter Strand will discuss what you'll need to know to start you off on a career in filmmaking. This round table discussion will cover an array of topics every filmmaker needs to know, plus we'll open it up for questions from the audience as well. This is a must see panel that can help all interested in becoming a filmmaker.


Approx 45 mins FREE                 

Link to Lake Effect Interview 


2019 Festival Film

Mime Sublime

Two morons think they can get rich quick by kidnapping and ransoming a "celebrity". Unfortunately, the only famous person they can find is a mime from the local park

2019 Winners

2019 Sponsors

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