Please help this local production, Black Girl Training.

The Milwaukee Independent Film Society, and our Voices Heard program want to bring more awareness to this project.

Black Girl Training

Our film is a story about being a black woman in the Midwest and the expectations that come with it. It combats stereotypes while also embracing the parts of black culture that connect, support, and motive us. We also explore the struggle of defining who you are and loving yourself.

Emily Kuester, Producer

Santana Coleman, Director

If they reach their goal this project is hoping to get an all female crew working on it, and they are also part of the keep it colorful rally, which if we win, we will be eligible for another $25,000 and a distribution deal!

Our program Voices Heard supports this project, please help these local filmmakers of color realize their dreams.

Hit the link for more info and how you can help!

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