Local Film Production Is Looking For Locations

Tarot Man, is a slasher film directed by Dirk Van Sloten. It stars comedian Brad Ellis, and Wisconsinite Cody Laper. The majority of the cast and crew is Wisconsin based. They are seeking your help in finding various locations. During the first 3 weeks in September, They are making a feature length horror movie, paid out of their own pockets.

So if you're a patron of the arts, perhaps you can help find them with the following locations.

(Empty) Church


Full home

A warehouse type building (preferably in a, seemingly, isolated area)-woods / wooded area (not public)

Home exterior (typical Milwaukee)

Home interior

Home or apartment (two of these)-apartment-apartment building exterior-poker game room-bedroom


Nightclub (exterior with empty parking lot)

They will be very respectful of your place and property. Despite being on a micro-budget, They will make sure to obtain the proper insurances. And they will leave your place as clean and neat as we found it.

About the filmmaker Dirk Van Sloten.

Having lived there for 20 years, I have strong ties to Wisconsin. When I was writing the screenplay, I specifically had Wisconsin in mind. Although I recently moved to California, this film will look best if made in beautiful Wisconsin.Here are two short films I directed, both were filmed in Wisconsin:



And here are the links to my IMDb and LinkedIn pages:



Hope to hear from you soon!


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