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Angie Campbell is an actress, writer, and Diet Coke connoisseur currently residing in the "Hollywood" of the Midwest--Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She tried living in California 3 different times and failed miserably, the third time most notably. The three weeks (yes, you read that correctly) she resided there the third time inspired her to do what all great writers do: turn her pain into entertainment for the rest of the world. Thus, I Hate LA was born.

Emma Baker is an actress, writer, and pogo stick aficionado living in the Midwest's glitziest and windiest city. She likes to think she's killing it at life far more often than she really does, and dreams of owning a pet hedgehog named Fernando. She's been to LA once, but went rogue at Warner Brothers Studios and sat in a lot of traffic, so she feels like she gets the idea.

For most people, L.A. is the epitome of glamour, opportunity, and dreams-come-true. Not so for Phee, Elliott, and Cate, three unlikely roommates struggling to navigate life in the City of Angels.

Sexy. Sunny. Shitty.

Los Angeles has established itself as a mecca for dream-seekers. That's where fame and fortune are to be made, right? The Statue of Liberty is on the wrong coast, right?

For some, maybe. Not if you're one of the millions whose experience has been a little more Blade Runner than La La Land. Not if you've felt like a small, pale guppy in a sea of tanned barracudas. And certainly not if you've sat in @#$%ing hours of traffic for that lame, blink-and-you-miss-it audition.


I Hate LA is about trying to make a life when it feels like life isn't loving you back. It is for every dreamer dealing with reality: every aspiring artist with a day job, every bad flirt looking for romance, and of course, everyone who's ever had a shitty roommate.

What We Need & What You Get
  • We are hoping to raise $8,000. What does this pay for, you ask? Equipment, crew, and post-production! It took 27 hours to shoot the first episode - and that doesn't include pre- or post-production! So far, our cast and crew have kindly donated that time, but they are incredibly skilled people who could be commanding a day rate for their work. We want to at least offer them a stipend for their services! We also borrowed several thousand dollars' worth of equipment to film - likewise, we would like to give our generous lenders something in return.

  • Also, people on film sets eat a lot.

  • Let us reward your generosity! Check out some of our perks on offer. What do you hate most about L.A?

The Impact

We're going to honest with you: we're not saving lives here. (This is not the some genius sleep apnea treatment, or the RompHim.) But here's what we're about:

  • Female filmmakers. Our director, writers, producers, and editor are all ladies. Can we get a hell yeah for tipping the ratio in the film industry?

  • The struggle. L.A. is known for chewing people up and spitting them out, but navigating life is rough no matter where you live. This show celebrates the fortitude of dreamers: those who get up every day and need the encouragement to go on just one more audition, write one more song, run one more mile, go on one more interview, make one more student loan payment. (Just kidding. We'll all be making student loan payments forever.)

  • The laughter. Everything right now seems so damn dire. (And, in many ways, it is.) But being an activist/anarchist/revolutionary is exhausting, and so is watching murder after murder on Law and Order. So we humbly present you with a restorative: delightful awkwardness. (Not British-level, but, like, pretty up there.)

  • In short, we want to have a good time, tell weird, funny stories, and make you feel better about how badly your last date went. And also world peace.

Risks & Challenges

There are a lot of voices struggling to be heard. (We mean artistically and people who just want to bitch in general.) Given all the contenders, it's understandable that not everyone gets to rise above the crowd, and of course, that may be the case here. But (but, we say!), the next Broad City/Eragon/Tommy Wiseau has to come from somewhere, and we sure as hell can't see why it shouldn't be us. (Our parents taught us that if you believe, you can do anything, and it almost worked that time we tried to fly from jumping off the roof, so we're going off precedent here.)

Other Ways You Can Help

We would appreciate any and all help we can get - and not just financially-speaking! If you're willing, please share/follow on Facebook, Twitter (@ihatela_show), Intstagram (@i_hate_la_show), your Tumblr, MySpace, etc.

*Disclaimer: This series is *mainly* about the weird trials and tribulations of life, not a total "Dear-Darla-I-hate-your-stinkin'-guts" note to Los Angeles. To all our West Coast friends, we love you! And we totally had a blast that time we visited and you kindly took us to Runyon Canyon and Grauman's Chinese Theater and that awesome brunch place.

But most of all, it's about making those dreams happen in the end - one way or another.INDIE GO GO page here!

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