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What Arose Such A Clatter

by Production Club at UWM

What Arose Such A Clatter is a dramatic story about two criminals trying to make ends meet during the holidays.

About this project

What Arose Such A Clatter is the fifth original short written and produced by the students of Production Club at UWM. This dramatic short centers on a man who is released from jail after taking the fall from his brother. Just in time for the holidays, he struggles to make a new life for himself as his brother reveals just how little everything changes.

About Production Club at UW-Milwaukee

Production Club at UWM is a student filmmaking organization that specializes in giving students professional on-set experience. Along with bringing in professionals to teach students about different facets of the film industry, Production Club also strives to create a short film each year, completely run by students. The club facilitates networking and collaboration with students of all academic focus and individuals within the Milwaukee film community. As a result, members develop close professional relationships and gain lifelong friends!

Why Help Us?

Good question! Each year, Production Club is allocated grant money from UWM’s Student Association in order to aid in film production. However, these funds have strict restrictions and may only used for specific items. This year, these funds will be devoted towards the rental of an impressive camera package. A camera is only part of the picture however, and we’ll need additional funding for other necessary supplies to allow us to create a stronger production value and make the best film possible. In the past, your support has allowed us to pursue ambitious films that have successfully gone on to festival circuits internationally.

Your Support Will Fund…

Location Fees: Renting out spaces tend to become costly, and reserving public places will be key for this year’s production.

Art Department: This entails numerous changes in wardrobe and makeup for each character, dressings for each location, and specific props that help to tell our story in the way we want to tell it. The design of each and every element will take us more convincingly into the grim world of What Arose Such A Clatter, and with funding we can bring it all to life!

Craft Services: Long hours of shooting make for a hungry crew, and a good meal works wonders! If we can purchase food to provide to our members on set, we can ensure that everyone stays energized and the filming process can keep running smoothly.

The Cast: In return for their time and dedication on set, we’d like to be able to compensate our lead cast members.

Rewards: We are trying to put together something ambitious and fantastic, and we’d like to show our gratitude for your support and trust in us. Part of our budget will go into providing you, the backers, with a token of our appreciation.

Risks and challenges

With any project of this nature comes a whole host of challenges. For What Arose Such A Clatter, specific problems arise in regards to finding suitable public locations, as well as filming outside in weather that can’t be described as ideal. Inclement weather can hold up production, as can public interruptions. However, with all of us here at Production Club putting in remarkable effort, we’re certain that these challenges can be overcome.


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