Catch: Holy Shit

“Holy Shit”, the latest web-series from Jozef K. Richards in 2015, debuts August 2 on the Mythicist Milwaukee channel, available on YouTube.

King’s Tower Productions teams up with Mythicist Milwaukee to bring a series where comedy and religion clash as Jozef takes on the Bible, as well as other holy texts and myths, drawing attention to its many absurdities through humor amidst education.

Released as his follow-up to “Friday Night Weekly”, “Holy Shit” will center more on the educational comedy side, with Jozef counting down information on various religious topics amidst commentary and parody.

“Holy Shit” releases alongside King’s Tower Productions' and Jozef Richards’ other new series, “Ecological Instant”, starring and created by Alex Trapp, a frequent collaborator of Richards’. With 10 episodes scheduled for its initial run, each episode features a different ecological concept and offers up analysis and solutions focused on improving the future of our environment. “Ecological Instant” debuts on the King’s Tower Channel, also available through YouTube.

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