Statement from the Milwaukee Independent Film Society on venue changes.

MSFFStrip1B.jpg 2014-8-10-21:50:57
From The Milwaukee Independenent Film Society:

Every year our society puts on our signature event, the Milwaukee Short Film Festival, a festival that started way back in 1994, and has since gained world wide recogition from the International filmmaking communities. We've had many venues since our inception, but six years ago we called the Milwaukee Art Museum's own Lubar Auditorium home.

Until this year that is, during the holidays they pulled our date and gave it to another event.

As we worked to rectify the situation with them we could not do their final suggestion, moving our festival to the same weekend that MKE Film would hold their opening weekend event. While we do not consider our festival to be competition to MKE Film because we have a very different business model, it wouldn't be fair to the local filmmakers in choosing where to send their films, and it wouldn't be fair to our or their supporters either. But the "Best Local Film Festival" (Moviemaker Magazine) will still go on this year, but not at the Lubar Audittorium in the Milwaukee Art Museum.

We will still be in mid-September, the venue is confirmed but it won't be named until final details are ironed out.

So we hope to see you this coming September where we will honor Jared Stepp with the Pace-setter award, where the best line up of local films will be screened, and where we will kick off a brand new showcase featuring a selection dedicated to local minority filmmakers. We are excited about this year's events and its changes and I think you will be as well.


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